Your Place on The Great Mandala

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What we have moved through, the people whose lives intersect with ours, the beauty, the terror, the moments of transcendence, frustration, pain, pleasure, and love all of this continues to echo — even if we no longer hear the sound. And eventually the song of innocence — like Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah with its ‘minor fall and its major lifts.’ The dark and light moments and shadings, all part of the one unique choreography danced by each of us — each moment a meaningful link to the next, blending inseparably in rhythm with our souls. “Take your place on the great mandala as it moves through your brief moment of time….”

Denise Cabral Yanez

“There is a grid of consciousness out of which the dominant systems arise. This grid is very difficult to transcend: it operates on primal survival frequencies even though it uses elaborate and seductive ways to camouflage itself. Its codes and frequencies are governed by the Lords of Number and numerical manipulation and advantage.. The grid makes us believe we must always be counting how much even as we lose the value of true quality. Only the higher frequencies of selfless altruism can dissolve this grid and free us to live for each other. May all beings be free. May all beings be happy.” — James O’Dea

The quality of our consciousness is our path in life. A survival consciousness is intelligent in the way it seeks and uses advantage, but it is limited to that paradigm. It dismisses stories of mystic awareness as useless fantasies. It looks past beauty in its focus on utility. An artist or a poet needs another kind of consciousness.

The world equates strategic cunning with intelligence. The Tarot card of the happy fool, tripping along the precipice with his happy little dog is a good illustration of a way of being in the world that is discouraged by worried parents and teachers.

I can speak from the consciousness style of the fool, although I tried mightily to be smart and calculating with finances and business. I was born into that world and expected to follow its rules. The misjudgments I made would be considered obvious from the standpoint of the “normal” worldly awareness. It’s just that I not only had my head in the clouds, I didn’t know I had my head in the clouds.

I’m able to make connections now at my advanced age that in early years I couldn’t. Looking back I see the obvious fact that I was trying to be something I was not destined to be, and that my natural optic on things was valuable if I could recognize it.

Young people sense what is admired and what isn’t. They just don’t see the limitations of the common models for what is admirable. Every culture has its version of the shallow youth. In cultures that have mentors and initiation ceremonies there’s a better chance of not getting stuck at some infantile stage.

Consciousness needs to be challenged, in men especially. Our culture is rife with infantile adults because we focus mainly on survival of the body. We’re materialists and we live in an infantile culture.

The time has come to make the move toward a broader, more inclusive consciousness. We can see how survival consciousness is killing the natural world. The survival logic is burning the Amazon, polluting the oceans, feeding us toxins as a daily diet.

The coronavirus has crowned us with the new consciousness, a consciousness of the entire globe in its travail. Seeing it clearly, we come to a vision of our situation that for the first time is worldwide.

In a flash we see the role we have been playing. It’s a shock, a lightning strike to consciousness. We can’t go back, having seen clearly that the path we’re on leads straight over the cliff.

The new consciousness needs a more comprehensive view of survival, one that recognizes the web of life, the matrix we are part of. This consciousness will have to include and value beauty and the wisdom of the heart. It can no longer confine itself to personal survival to the detriment of nature and the soul of the world.

Our imagination of who we are is changing. That’s a good thing. It’s time.

I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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