You Have a Hidden Intelligence

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It talks to you, even if you don’t listen.

We are swimming in a sea of consciousness. It’s a consciousness with its own understanding of us and our place among other beings. It takes the long view, but it also comments on the theme of our chosen direction in life.

Of course we don’t listen to this awareness because it speaks to us in dreams and hunches, not in words and logic.

Our body lives by its own intelligence, reacting for or against our daily decisions and lifestyle. If we override our instinctive knowing with short term optics, we can short change ourselves or even shorten our life span.

Listening to the inner voice has fallen out of favor in our times. We no longer consult oracles or practice incubation like the ancients did. Psychotherapists have evolved quick and easy therapies that go easy on the pocketbook, that tune us up for better functioning within a sick system.

Children are medicated and forced to comply. Adults learn to imitate robots and keep their angst to themselves. We learn to steal our small pleasures where we can and not complain because there are always folks who are worse off than we are.

We learn not to demand a meaning to our lives or, God forbid, beauty.

We “grow up.”

But I’m an unreconstructed curmudgeon. I don’t agree. I’ve spent my life trying to sidestep this system, and that’s still my project. It may be a losing battle, yet I still believe in this pie-in-the-sky mission.

I still fight for love’s place in the world. Play, creativity, finding the inner artist, helping others regardless what religion they may believe — justice and mercy, kindness and generosity are, in my way of thinking, the only remedies for our troubled world.

A broader vision is possible. Narrow mental constructs can be dismantled. Hearts can be opened. Vision and visionaries can be fostered. The need just has to be recognized as urgent.

There is no doubt in my mind that it is.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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