Widening The Circle of Compassion

Laura Makabresku

Our task must be to free ourselves
by widening our circle of compassion
to embrace all living creatures
and the whole of nature
and it’s beauty

— Albert Einstein


God is man awakened
Man is god asleep

— Anonymous


Who is God
but the wind giving breath.
The water to quench all bodies;
earth and human.

Who is God
but the fire alchemically rising our souls to be
born within these containers
that We may use the mind senses
and the heart wisdom
to know and love each other and the earth.

Who is God
but the minerals of food within soils of earth and
all beings.

Who is God
but the earth herself as a living embodiment of all
ever needed to survive. The very food of life.

Who is God
but the sounds, echoing a Love expressed through
all unique souls, each here to enjoy, love and
to be the very eyes for God to see, ears to hear and
hearts to express this Love so given in all its
myriad ways.

Who is God
but me, you and we…all life living and breathing the
life force of Love…my heart bows in humble
gratitude to be here. My soul serves you dear Grace
so generously giving this beauty, abundance,
and infinite Love.

Who is God
but the tears flowing from every soul today who sees
the pain and suffering
but who now takes a vow of sacred promise
to Stop
hurting each other and the planet so to begin again to
just Love.

Who is God
But Love…

— Mary Linda Landauer

I think enlightenment is connected to compassion. Our circle of compassion is tiny; therefore the world is threatened with catastrophic blindness and suffering. We try to make our personal lives amid wholesale death and destruction, counting ourselves lucky if we and our loved ones manage to survive at a decent level. Suffering nature is too big a problem to deal with or even think about. We hope the experts will do something but we’ve got our hands full just eating and paying the rent.

I agree that one of the main reasons for being alive in this world is to expand our circle of compassion. If you have been able to do that you have grown your humanity. That’s no small feat. Raising compassionate children, cultivating a garden, making a beautiful and soulful home, setting a beautiful table with healthy food, taking care of animals — all these things grow love in the world. Leaving a trail of beauty as you live is a way of planting the seeds of love. You may never see whose soul was fed by your efforts but I believe our energies always find their secret ways into the living matrix of life.

We live in a society that admires exceptional talent. I know someone who has an exceptional talent for interior design, who criticizes herself for not becoming a professional with a degree. And yet this is a person who has not only exercised her talent unofficially, but managed to raise kind and beautiful children, create a beautiful home and loving friendships and generally trail clouds of beauty wherever she goes. In my opinion, we are not here to be famous or recognized, we’re here to extend a sense of caring for the life in and around us.

The great sin is indifference. It’s not being capable of enough sensitivity to notice where there is a deficit of compassion — which in our world is almost everywhere.

Our world needs more soul. Out of soul comes compassion, beauty, the arts, personal love, the creation of enhanced life energies and the ability to contribute to the living soul of the world. I think we are here to cultivate and expand our ability to care about all life, starting with our personal lives and talents but radiating out from there. We are here to learn how to care in expanding circles.

Greg H. Hartford

I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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