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What is the “Path of the Peacemaker?”

Some Native American tribes call it the “Beauty Path.” The Hopi call it “The Hopi Way.” Christians call it “agape” and psychologists refer to it as “unconditional love for all.” To Buddhists it is the “Middle Way.” Tribes in Africa call it “ubuntu.” Hawaiians call it “Aloha.” To Jamaicans and reggae fans worldwide, it is known as “One Love.” It is the path of striving to offer love, compassion and forgiveness to everyone, in every situation, no matter what the circumstances. It is the path Home.

All other paths — money, possessions, pleasuring, belonging, admiration, achievements, power, jealousy, revenge, anger, ego, and a host of other dead ends — lead us astray. Being wayward paths, they inevitably become painful.
This pain is not a punishment of a vengeful Creator or punishing karma but rather a corrective mechanism to guide us back towards the only path Home — the path of love. And because it is the only path truly assigned to us by our Creator, it is the only one that elevates our lives from the ordinary to the mystical. — Robert Roskind


The suffering of the planet was enormous. It was the suffering of the species in specific historical configurations, massive but precise — the suffering of thousands of years of war, thousands of years of racial violence, and so on. This was a suffering that I was responsible for, not as an individual but as the unified consciousness of our species.
I could make a difference in the experience of this species. Would I choose to make a difference?
I could change things. How can I change things?
By focusing on the pain. By following the pain to its root.”

Christopher Bache, Diamonds from Heaven

Our biggest challenge and responsibility is to pay attention, to stay awake. Living in a robotic half-slumber is the problem, the trap we keep falling into as a species. We are lulled by our certainties, our pleasures and our habits. The only thing that seems to wake us up is the need to get out of the impossible situations we create for ourselves.

Every time we dig a hole and fall into it we have to ask ourselves uncomfortable questions about our modus operandi. Here we are again, collectively, wondering how we could have been so stupid and what we can now do differently.

I think the change we need is more interior than exterior, or at least interior first and foremost. Yes, we need to reorganize our politics, land use, education and financial structure, but without a reverence for life and love in our hearts we’re just going to recreate dystopia all over again.

If most of us are going forth in the world on automatic pilot, we’re in big trouble. If enough of us come to a state of clarity and generosity, we may have a chance. Most of our news comes from the fearful side of things because “if it bleeds it leads.” People and organizations creating a better world do so in the shadows, but they are more numerous and energetic than we realize.

Nobody can tell us who will win in this finger biting race for survival on Planet Earth. We have to watch, wonder and hope for the best.

Our job as individuals is to grow into worthy human beings. Developing vision and helping in whatever capacity we can is our task. We can’t afford to sleep through this time. We have to look in the mirror and take heed, remove the mote in our own eye that keeps our vision distorted.

Under the surface there is inherited grieving, there is a superstructure of defenses against our humanity, there is rigidity and willful ignorance.

Beliefs, including religious beliefs, won’t change any of that. Only unconditioned, unprejudiced looking will. That’s not something the masses will engage in, but if enough of us get honest with ourselves we can turn this Titanic away from the iceberg.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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