What is Your Real Story?

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“How will you know the difficulties of being human, if you’re always flying off to blue perfection? Where will you plant your grief-seeds? We need ground to scrape and hoe, not the sky of unspecified desire.” — Rumi

  • Dear Family,
    Prepare your hearts. Prepare your courage. Prepare your children and loved ones too, for your deep commitment to Unity and to Life. Do what makes you strong and fierce about Love and Peace.

Finding and living our real story is not as easy as it sounds. There are a million distractions and wrong way streets. The world has always needed our best, our most real selves, but things are starting to get really serious now. There are challenges on the horizon that will require no less than our truest and most sturdy self.

In my ongoing life review, I see how necessary it was to strip me to the bone before I could stop chasing things not meant for me. Relationships, businesses, kinds of creative work even, had to be tried and checked off the lists. I was driven by insecurities and a certain blindness to my intrinsic nature. Only when I arrived at a point when I owned nothing and had just enough to survive was I willing to accept my soul’s purpose for living in a body on this planet.

I admit that I was easily tempted by status and pleasures of the flesh, by the enticements of “adventure.” Life took care of that by removing the objects of my attachments, one by one, like extracting teeth without anesthetic.

It has come down to a simple life in a third world country with the woman I love while thrashing my way through the unexplored country of words, ideas and memories.

It’s new but it feels natural to me, as if I were made for this unexpected lifestyle. I realize that I’m a student, I’m learning the ropes, but I remember when I abandoned this path in a sudden, impulsive swerve.

I was too young to make such an irrevocable decision, but I stuck with it for fifty years and created some beauty. I saw no way and no reason to put my words into the world in those years. It’s easier now that there is this thing called the internet. I remember my father being excited by computers when they were just a gleam in the market’s eye, but he didn’t live long enough to take advantage of it.

As the storm of world events approaches, I’m glad it has now become possible for us wordsmiths to have our say and possibly make a difference.

There is art, there is artistry, and there is speaking from the soul. People like me have to find their soul first, though, even if they have to be divested of all superfluities, what I call being stripped to the bone. I’m glad I had a rich life, but I’m also glad things have been reduced to the essentials at this stage. I can concentrate. Not being able to afford distractions is an asset in this case.

We will need all hands on deck as the world situation becomes more fraught. People who can think, question and use words will be in demand.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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