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“After a serious reading of Freud’s Civilization and its Discontents, it seems as if this same vision of humans as the more or less helpless playthings of unconscious drives, instincts, and compulsions was presented by modern depth psychology — making it yet another partner, along with cosmology and genetics/sociobiology, in the general reduction of the ‘human’ to soulless insignificance and miniscule irrelevance.” — Paul De Fatta


“I have come to understand viscerally that what the human race is undergoing is far more even that a radical and painful transformation; it is nothing less than a species mutation, nothing less than an agonizing and terrifying transition from one kind of species into another that will bear as much resemblance to our current chaotic and desolate state as Mozart does to a chimpanzee.

Humanity, as Aurobindo famously said is an unfinished venture and the adventure the virus has plunged us into will either destroy us or transfigure us in ways that none of us can truly imagine. This has led me to plunge into the mystical tradition’s understanding of what I call the Engoldenment Process.

At the heart of all of the mystical systems I have discovered is the greatest secret of all; that humanity is destined to become an Embodied Divine Humanity and that as my greatest teacher Bede Griffiths said, “The second coming will not be the return of an individual avatar, but the rising of the golden yeast of Embodied Christ Consciousness in millions of beings to birth the Kingdom/Queendom on the Earth.” — Andrew Harvey

There’s an ongoing debate as to whether we humans are big or little. Are we important in the scheme of things or are we negligible actors in a gigantic cosmological drama? There are Native American tribes that believe their daily rituals make the sun come up. They believe that if they stopped their efforts the sun wouldn’t rise. In their view of the cosmos, they play an essential part.

We, on the other hand, seem to revel in the concept of our insignificance in the grand workings of the Universe. The logic of this view is that our actions can’t possibly have an effect on something as crucial as the survival of our planet.

That’s convenient, don’t you think? We’re absolved of all responsibility. We’re free to do anything we want. We don’t have to worry ourselves with fanciful ideas like trees suffering when we cut them down. Factory farms are A-OK. Only humans have souls. Nothing else feels pain. Even among humans, only the white ones really register pain. People of color, not so much.

And we pride ourselves on our enlightened age. How far we’ve come, how great is our advance over those primitive tribes that took care of the world. How quaint they were, those natives, so convinced that they had any responsibility to nature. We know better, as we slash and burn our way through the world, as we kill animals for the sheer pleasure of killing.

Do you think, looking at all this, that we can have a future? Can such a society endure? What do we contribute to the life force of our home planet? What are the effects of such a belief system on the fragile web of life?

Those questions may be answered sooner than we expect. It looks as if we have entered the age of karma, the age of unintended consequences. If we are capable of learning, we may have a chance before things get beyond our control even if we act en masse.

Human stupidity is boundless, but so is human inventiveness and ability to see the truth. Visionaries are especially needed now . Plagues may bring us up short, but we still need to hear a vision for a better way. The changes we need look too big to accomplish, but somehow the juggernaut of big business and government will have to get the message. Right now they have their hands over their ears.

It’s up to us to speak up and keep speaking up through our words and actions. It’s up to us. We can’t rely on the experts and the powerful few. We are the heroes we’re waiting for.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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