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Life on earth is at risk for extinction because of our war against diversity.

Once you realize that you and the planet’s biodiversity are one, nothing less than a shift of identity follows.

An adage from ancient India, “As is the greatest, so is the smallest,” has never been truer.

Microbiome diversity is the foundation for health and longevity, while the destruction of this diversity is the beginning of chronic disease of every variety.

The adage could be expanded to “As is the outside, so is the inside.” The global microbiome functions as a communication network that actually passes electrical information throughout the cellular matrix to coordinate everything life needs to thrive at the cellular level, not simply nutrition and reproduction but repair and adaptation to changing conditions.

Nature is managing its own identity crisis now. Nature’s fluent communication network cannot be produced by a single species, but it can be threatened by one.

At the exact moment in history when our existence is being understood as one thread woven in the tapestry of life as a whole, we are tearing the fabric apart, and all life forms will suffer…

The scale of damage is too frightening to contemplate, much less measure. We must transform now. The victims of this war are standing right in front of us. The soil, wind, and water, the First Nations, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and the tide of refugees.

The world’s dispossessed and disenfranchised depend on us to emerge from our false assumed identity of superiority over and separateness from the whole of life.

Reconciliation can begin today. Train your mind and eye to seek out and cherish diversity in every element of your life.

By Zach Bush MD, Paul J. Mills, PhD, Rudolph E. Tanzi, PhD, Michelle A. Williams, ScD and Deepak Chopra™ MD

That shift in perspective from separateness to unity starts as an inkling, an idea, but the more you look the more obvious it is. The implications are huge. We see how we have built our lives and our civilization on a fiction, a fiction which threatens our very existence now. If we stay married to this fiction, the world doesn’t have a chance. No world, no humans, with all our dreams and projects. All down the drain and sooner than we think possible. If that realization can’t motivate us to change, we’re in big trouble.

Can we take our situation seriously? Will we perish from our inability to see the obvious? Are we really that stupid? A large portion of the American populace is in angry denial. It refuses to consider the evidence. Anything it doesn’t want to see or think about is labeled a hoax.

In my lifetime I’ve seen America go from admired “city on a hill” to polluted swamp full of vipers and cretins. What happened? The inmates have taken over the asylum. Our ability to think and consider evidence evaporated in record time. How is it possible that our political system became so overwhelmed with greed and self dealing that a criminal president can’t even be impeached?

Now we’re on the cusp of a major debacle, the fall of America by its own hand. The suicide of a nation, taking the planet down with it. And it’s completely unnecessary. What’s required now is simple intelligence and care for all life. Is that too much to ask? Has our civilization bred a human being who is incapable of those basic virtues?

The scene going forward looks to be shocking. We haven’t yet grappled with the coronavirus and there is already another new pathogen on the way. Denial is the danger. Refusal to deal with and correct the behavior that generated this situation is going to set in motion waves of death and destruction. Do we have to learn our lesson the hard way?

In America, evidently so. May the good people come forward now. We need you.

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