We Are Nature, Let’s Save Nature

David Price
3 min readApr 10, 2020


“The light within the earth, what the alchemists called the lumen naturae, is a primal source of energy and power that has yet to be fully accessed by humanity. It belongs to our natural relationship to life, to creation and its sacred nature. This energy source can once again become accessible as humanity remembers its place in the whole and relates to all life with an understanding of oneness — of unity and multi-dimensional interdependence. We cannot work with earth’s light, nor will we know the real names of creation, through a consciousness of separation or duality. We need to claim the consciousness of oneness that is waiting for us.

As we awaken to this sacred unity at the core of the world, life itself awakens, because we are not separate from the whole…It belongs to the magical nature of life, life’s ability to change and evolve. It carries the ancient wisdom of the archetypal world, an understanding of the energy patterns within life, the grids of power within the earth. Working with this power within creation, we can reclaim our heritage as guardians of the earth, of its sacred and mysterious ways…

. . .

The physical world needs to be re-aligned with its own energy source, with the life force within it…Through humanity’s recognition of the sacredness of life, the divinity of everything on earth, through our reverence, the consciousness of our light can interact with the light in matter. The highest principle can come alive again within creation and release the energy waiting there.

This energy that comes from the very core of creation can heal the earth and the psyche of humanity. It will reveal the unity and “interbeing” of all of creation…Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul


We have a choice. We can live in a creative paradigm or not. We can embrace the role of caretaker and lover of the creative universe, or not. We can intentionally connect ourselves with the source of life or not. Maybe we just don’t want to be guardians of Earth. Maybe we’d rather continue as vandals.

As America keeps flirting with Fascism, keeps refusing democracy, keeps piling injustice upon injustice, keeps worshiping money, keeps stripping nature of her bounty, we woolly-minded dreamers keep hoping for a better world. I believe nature has secret powers we don’t expect.

A tiny virus can bring everything to a screeching halt. Around the world people are dying and confusion reigns. Heroic people show up to try to prevent the worst, but the theater set of our lives is toppling faster than anyone might have predicted. Can our accustomed ways be saved?

What will become of us without our incomes? How will we eat and take care of our children? We’re astonished at how fragile our lives were all along, based as they were on our slavery and the decimation of the commons. If we can’t feed the giant machine with our labor, it will sputter and quit churning out the baubles we sell, baubles which stuff our landfills and oceans.

Is this the world we are so panicked at losing?

I can’t help but see a silver lining in this fraught event. I don’t think we are currently living in the best of all possible worlds. I think we can do better. We must do better. The life of our most beautiful planet depends on it.

Look at the kind face of the young woman holding that owl. Look at the calm, trusting eyes of the bird.

Can we not live our lives in the spirit of trusting guardianship with each other, regardless of species? I think we can. There are folks already doing it.

First, we have to notice how far our society is from that spirit. If we cared, if we were sensitive to the souls of the animal world — as one small example — would there be feedlots? Would we clear cut forests? Would we abandon the homeless to the streets?

The lack of justice is simply a lack of caring. Simple kindness, incorporated into governance and business, would change the world in an instant.

This historical moment affords us a chance to think again, to look in the mirror. There’s never been a better time.



David Price

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