We Are Made To Create Beauty

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Art by Catrin Welz Stein

“The poet marries the language, and out of this marriage the poem is born.” This beautiful, passionate statement was made by W.H. Auden and it takes us right inside the crucible in which all creative action is born. It’s sexy, it’s spiritual, it makes your heart beat faster, it puts a champagne fizz of excitement into the air….

Your field is what you will do, day or night, for the sheer joy of the doing, without counting the cost or the consequences. Your field is the territory within which you can do The Work that your deeper life is calling you to do….

…find the field you will marry, as the poet marries language, as the artist marries color and texture, as the chef marries taste and aroma, as the swimmer marries the water….

…marriages aren’t always sweet. Some days you may hardly be on speaking terms. Some days you feel your partner hates you or is cheating on you with someone else, maybe the fellow who just got a piece in the New Yorker or is merely in front of the mike in the neighborhood poetry slam. But you carry on. You fetch the groceries. You tuck your partner up in bed at night, and promise to dream together.

And out of this constancy — through tantrums and all — will come that blaze of creation when the sun shines at midnight, when time will stop or speed for you as you will, when you are so deep in the Zone that no move can be wrong….

— Robert Moss

Creativity is a mysterious process. Most of it is hidden under spontaneous impulses that come unbidden. We don’t stop to wonder how or where they come from because we’re in a hurry to execute them and see them, even though half the time they don’t deliver the impact we imagined. Marshalling all the different energies that go into creating something new is not completely under our control. Sometimes it looks like the work itself takes control of the process and uses the artist to get the task done. Intelligent energies start to flow through us recruiting forces in us we didn’t know were there.

Sometimes it seems that things want to manifest, to happen in the world of objects, and the writer or artist just happens to be available to execute it. The many streams and rivulets of life force needed to make it happen come from anywhere, external or internal.

If you give yourself to a life of creativity, you’ll learn to respect serendipity. An initial idea can possess a specific gravity that will attract other creative energies that hover around us in non manifest form. When they sense a channel they flow toward it. You, as the artist, learn to attract such energies. You befriend them. They like you because they know you can give birth to them.

There is nothing more miraculous and satisfying than to put something beautiful into the world. Creativity is an attempt to conjure magic. There are a million ways to create, depending on who you are and what you’re sensitive to. Regardless of your style and materials, you will need to learn to listen to all the energies and voices speaking to you as you work. A lot happens by just getting into the creative stream that’s always flowing.

When you do that you suddenly find yourself to be a more intelligent creator. Relaxing into a listening state of mind brings about a state of alignment with ideas and impulses that go beyond training and knowledge. It’s called inspiration.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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