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That’s our home base.

Our earthly excursion into this physical life where we worry about indifference, about isolation, about approval, acceptance and even prestige is all centered around love and its imagined absence. We keep trying to get to a sense of unity with our deepest selves and with a sense of worthiness. We want to be affirmed and loved for our real being.

It’s a conundrum, because we have often lost touch with who we in fact are. We are conditioned quite young to falsify ourselves for that all important love we sought, a love that may have been conditional on certain kinds of outward show.

Love can be reduced to empty forms.

Losing touch with our most alive self puts us at a distance from love, Finding our way back entails loving ourselves. It entails knowing ourselves at the most basic level, taking a real interest in what we are.

If we can do that, we paradoxically don’t need to seek to be loved and yet we become more loveable.

We come into a world of influences pressing on us. We are shaped by family, culture and time. Within that is a soul with a gift. Each soul has a mission to give a gift to the world. Being out of touch with ourselves makes that impossible.

We wander, we wonder why we came. We may leave early.

I believe we have infinite chances until we accomplish the task of loving and giving our gift out of that love.

And then, we leave. I imagine we leave on the same current of love we came in with.

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Love has many seasons, many forms and colors. I believe we depart in love, That death is often a peaceful and tender event, not the suffering and pain we imagine. I believe that love is inescapable, even if we wanted to escape it.

I believe we are made of and for love, that love is a basic law of the Universe and that we are here to rediscover that.

Even if we are just beginning, the end is certain. We will learn and grow in love.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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