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Art by Alecos Fassianos

“Now we know thanks to modern science that we can only see a few hundred nanometers on the electromagnetic spectrum. We can’t hear ultra low-frequency sounds. We have machines confirming hard evidence of what the wisdom traditions have been getting across for millennia: that this plane of existence is not quite what it seems.

The ancient Hindus gave us this understanding in the Vedas, some of the oldest texts in our civilization. Rishis (seers) aligning with a higher consciousness at the top of the Himalayas called this world maya (illusion), explaining that this world is finite, and since only the Divine is Infinite, it is therefore the Only True Reality…”

— Bob Peck, filmmaker-writer-mystic


“In the midst of radical change, it becomes more important to have a sense of one’s own inner way of imagining life in the world. When we don’t have that, we can be subject not just to overwhelm, but also to delusion. Maybe one more proverb, to finish the notion: “Hatred is a failure of imagination.” That’s from Graham Greene, the writer. When we see hatred on the rise, the increase of hate speech and hate crimes, one way to understand what’s happening is a failure of imagination in which some people cannot imagine the value of others not like themselves.”

— Michael Meade

We are discovering our world still. We are still mostly in the dark about who and what we are. We guide ourselves with guesses and fantastical ideas instead of real understanding. We can be whipped into a frenzy by mob psychology in full possession of a lie. Most of us haven’t grown a vision of the world that comes close to the reality.

We’re handicapped by our innate insensitivity tethered to our fears. Our particular culture bequeaths to us a blinkered materialism, all of which confines us to a small life. Since we inevitably create life on earth to fit our imagination, nothing is going to change until we enlarge our vision. Our scientists are just now verifying perceptions of ancient seers, perceptions that have always sounded fantastical and laughable to us.

Having and living by a profound vision of what kind of being we are and how we are all enmeshed in an infinite web of living beings is rare in our society. Empathy may be preached by religion but our trickle down view of how life really works emphasizes self interest. We have trained ourselves to fit a small vision of ourselves, our possibilities and existence itself.

Vision is powerful. It shapes our lives. Small vision, small life. Large vision, large life.

We don’t notice when our view is small, we just act it out. It may be facil and unquestioned, but it comforts us and we don’t want to go to the work of digging any deeper. Our society is subject to contagious mental fevers ignited by fear, hate and ignorance.

Two things are needed at the moment, I think. We could use some simple empathy and some open minded questioning of our own assumptions and thinking. We are sure of things that just aren’t true. People are willing to kill for a vision of a world that doesn’t exist. They’re willing to follow that deranged vision right over the cliff if a charismatic leader orders it.

You could call that “stupidity of the heart,” not to mention the childish vision it shows. Each of us has a responsibility to grow our humanity in this life. Central to that work is vision. Essential to real vision is caring.

We all have opinions. Profound vision is in another universe.

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