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Painting by Andrea Kowch

We are the inhabitants of a civilization that has lost its way, that has forgotten that the Earth is a living sacred being. And so we stand at a door never before opened, at a crossroads never before reached, when the fate of humanity and the whole web of life hang in the balance. What does it mean to be present at this time of a great dying when the wells run dry and the rivers are toxic? And where are those who hold the balance of the worlds — the rainmaker sitting in his hut holding an inner equilibrium, the monk whose prayer beads and mantras keep the worlds in tune? ….And in our hearts there is a seed of a future that returns to the beginning, to when the Source ran free and the names of creation sang in the wind.”
-Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
From: The Labyrinth and the Black Madonna


“Besides [personality №1’s] world there existed another realm, like a temple in which anyone who entered was transformed and suddenly overpowered by a vision of the whole cosmos, so that he could only marvel and admire, forgetful of himself. . . . Here nothing separated man from God; indeed, it was as though the human mind looked down upon Creation simultaneously with God.”
- Carl Jung


“The creative and the healing elements are very close.”
“A special problem in the profession of analysis is creativity. The best analysts are without a doubt those who, alongside their profession, are involved in some creative activity.
It is not for nothing that in primitive societies the medicine men are also the poets, painters, and the like, of their peoples. The creative and the healing elements are very close.”

Marie Louise Von Franz,

Art is healing, whether you are the creator or the spectator. It’s important to develop vision in life, to look ever more deeply, to look and keep looking, to reflect and keep reflecting. We live in a world that has lost its way, true. We live on the surface, not even aware of the depths of spirit coursing through everything. Deciding to recognize the miracle we are enmeshed in is an artist’s work. Everything is right there laid out before us if we can remove the scales from our eyes.

Making art is close to meditation. It’s a spiritual craft. It’s also a Rorschach test for the soul. Anything we create shows us who we are. We see ourselves in surprising ways through the energies we transmit into what we create. We seem to be born with an innate energy we desire to put into the world. No one should tell us that energy is wrong.

Yes, we can be twisted into unnatural shapes by early circumstances, and maybe we can never find our true shape because of that, but if we can, what we offer the world is needed or we would not have been born. We were summoned by the world. It’s up to us not to get lost and not complete our mission.

On this forum for writers, there are creators of all stripes and levels of craft. The creative energies are flowing through it. The primary value for anyone here who is creating something out of words and ideas is first of all personal. Money and that elusive thing called success come afterwards, in my opinion. What we are trying to do is discover our roots in the world, our relationship to the world. We want to know what’s in us and why, and we want to somehow make a contribution to the human project.

Living in a superficial civilization and deciding to be a creator is akin to signing on to be a student shaman. We are attracted to a deeper way of life. We may not know why, but it may simply be a dream of living a life that means something. That’s the breakaway point. Once you start down that road it’s hard to turn back. It’s the adventure of discovering what the world is and why you are alive in it. That’s a big story.

Money? Sure, why not, if it happens. But that’s not the point. The point is to grow a soul.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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