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It’s Beautiful

Can we celebrate life on this earth? Can we recognize our beauty, our good fortune to be here?

How would life be for us if we realized our real situation? How would we feel if we knew for certain that we are the privileged children of creation? What would our civilization be like in that case?

I think we feel like orphans on a prodigiously wealthy planet. We already have an earthly wealth we take for granted. An earthly wealth we spend like drunken sailors.

And we still feel like orphans. It’s strange. We’re like spoiled, disowned but wealthy children.

First, we need to realize who and what we are, and then we need to see what our actual situation is.

We can live extremely well on this planet if we know our place in the web of life.

We are not the arbiters of earthly existence. We are not the deciders, the overseers, the nobles of creation. We are the servants, not the kings. We are one of the participants, one of the dancers in the troop.

Hubris is killing us.

Can we reduce our hubris enough to save the whole performance? That is the question.

I wish I knew the answer. It looks like there’s a big comedown in the works.

We all have our beliefs, our habits, our preferences. Can we overcome those to actually see and love the world that exists, the world we live in?

Frankly I don’t know. I know that it’s possible because there are people doing it, but in order to change things, an aggregate majority will have to weigh in.

Most people don’t believe they have a voice.

Those people will need to speak up.

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