The World is Still Here

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“When we overcome this crisis somehow, the options available will range from the installation of highly authoritarian brutal States to radical reconstruction of society and more humane terms, concerned with human needs instead of private profit. There is the possibility that people will organize, become engaged, as many are doing, and bring about a much better world, which will also confront the enormous problems that we’re facing right down the road, the problems of nuclear war, which is closer than it’s ever been and the problems of environmental catastrophes from which there is no recovery once we’ve gotten to that stage, that it’s not far in distance, unless we act decisively.”

“So it’s a critical moment of human history, not just because of the coronavirus, that should bring us to awareness of the profound flaws of the world, the deep, dysfunctional characteristics of the whole socio-economic system, which has to change, if there’s going to be a survivable future. So this could be a warning sign and a lesson to deal with it today or prevent it from exploding. But thinking of its roots and how those roots are going to lead to more crises, worse ones than this”. — Noam Chomsky

“It has become necessary for collective humanity to gain a more conscious awareness of the psychological fact that we’re all in this together and that we are all in uncharted territory. That is what the climate crisis says to us and the coronavirus may be saying in its own sad way: that we all affect each other and that one person can actually affect everyone else.” — Michael Meade

We live in a system that believes in every man for himself. We are charged with saving ourselves in this cruel and short sighted system, if we can. Sauve qui peut, as the French say. Actually, we are all in this together but for some reason we can’t see that. Not being able to see it, we create a false and fragile way of living that keeps falling apart.

When Columbus arrived here you could drink out of any river, because the soul and spirit of the river was respected by humans. They didn’t create a technology that destroyed nature, not because they were stupid, but because they were intelligent. We members of an advanced civilization reject such quaint ideas. We know better, but we now find ourselves cornered by the consequences of our determination to turn everything into money.

Our hardheaded blindness has led us inevitably into this pass, but those who value profit over everything are still determined to make a killing off this situation, regardless how many more will die than otherwise would. I keep shaking my head in wonder at people who can’t feel the pain they cause others. The mind that focuses exclusively on filling its pockets with gold is deranged, and a society that admires such people is no less insane.

This turn of events is shocking. But so was the status quo, because it was killing life on Earth. It’s just that we had gotten so used to it we couldn’t see it clearly. The seeds of its demise were built in, though. We’re lucky that the natural world isn’t already dead.

Will we take the lesson? Will we make a better world? Not without a lot of people with vision coming forth. We live in a kakistocracy. We are governed by shallow, greedy people for the most part.

Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of the World.

I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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