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“It’s not that the senses are the problem, it’s that we don’t know how to use our senses. …you don’t leave your real body behind, which is the sensation inside all of us, right now: The dark, grainy texture inside our fingers, at our fingertips.

…Sensation is the bedrock of our being, it’s the most primordial form of consciousness. And when we go into incubation, into the darkness of our own sensation, which takes us down into this vast, infinite, inner body, which starts being our own inner body but it ends up being the inner body of the Universe.

You go inside your own sensation and you discover that there is only one sensation.

Your sensation is everybody else’s sensation…

Your sensation is the sensation of the Earth.

This is how we feel, this is how we are compassionate, how we resonate, through the sensation inside us, which is the bedrock of intuition, of consciousness, of experience, of everything.” — Peter Kingsley

Everything in existence participates in the Universal Mind, in spite of our partial optic on things that sees mainly differences but not the commonalities. The important thing here is to experience this fact, not simply believe it. It’s more than an idea. It requires a prepared mind to see its functioning.

The idea, though, is a departure from the trend of our usual belief systems, which accept the idea that we are all separate entities, that our differing physical aspects reflect a fundamental separation of nature into independent and unrelated worlds.

In fact, once you start pulling on that string, you find everything connected to everything else. Nothing is separated from the whole, even though the whole is composed of endless variations.

Glimpsing the connectedness of things as they danced in and out of material manifestation gave my mind a little shock that has continued to reverberate through the last fifty years of my life. The implications keep expanding, dismantling the vision of life I accepted without question as I was growing up.

The idea that everything is fundamentally bound to everything else seems illogical, impossible until your mind is empty enough to see it. Only then is it obvious. Only then do you see how it pertains to everything from farming to racism to education to governance. Only then do you begin to grasp how pernicious our received wisdom can be.

Belief is powerful, both in the positive and in the negative sense. I think it behooves us to watch how our ideas and beliefs exert their energies in our minds and bodies.

I think the empty, unpreoccupied mind is essential, because that’s when our natural intelligence is allowed to the surface. Then is when we fulfill our destinies as humans because we can suddenly see with the eye of love.

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