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Painting by Tomas Sanchez

“Soul is the glue of the world and the connecting agent of existence. When we lose our way in this world it is the soul’s way of being in touch with the pulse of life that has been lost. For we are most lost and truly abandoned when we have lost touch with our own soul, with our own inward style and way of being in the world. By its nature soul is the mutable, multiple, changeable aspect of both the world and individual life.”

“Strange as it may seem, individual consciousness forms the counterweight, and living out the hidden meanings within life helps to balance the weight of the world — each living being wrapped around an invisible, eternal thread, each a story breaking out of the wall of time to become a genuine story that adds to the ongoing story of creation.”

- Michael Meade

“The Native Americans were bewildered by the white man’s religion, which focused on worshiping one day a week. They viewed tithing to the church as little more than trying “to bribe the Creator,” a concept they found ludicrous. They did not understand the white culture’s view of a punitive, vengeful God, who gave man one life to get it right in spite of so many temptations.” — Robert Roskind

We are woven into the fabric of the Universe. We carry Consciousness forward, each in our own way, making our contributions to the body and soul of creation. But the pitfalls of simplistic thinking are there to seduce us into taking surface appearance at face value. We project our shallowness outward. Our imagination of the world we inhabit is childish and simple minded.

Our existence poses a crucial question to life; can we be a help and not a hindrance to life on Earth? No other being has the capacity to upend the balance of nature like humans can. No other being kills for fun. No other being is cut off from it’s instinctual wisdom. Rational thinking and linguistic talents confer power but don’t add up to intelligence.

We are strangely blind to the creative context we exist in. Not seeing our context, we blunder about, knocking over all of God’s carefully built beauties. It’s atrocious, literally.

Not doing damage to others and to the fabric we are nested in requires an expanded awareness coupled with a kind heart. It requires a willingness to live against the customs and thinking surrounding us. Yes, there’s a risk of becoming eccentric, of becoming outcasts, even pariahs, but so be it. There are other life giving values to consider and time is growing short.

Underneath the surfaces of the living Earth, dance the joyous gods of creation. We don’t normally see them or even sense their existence, but they are having a giant celebration moment by moment as they make the world. We are not separate from this party. We are creative actors in this drama right down to our toes and fingers, right down to our corpuscles.

Any artist of any kind is invited by the metier to peer into astonishing miracles in every direction. That’s what attracts me to artistic creation. It’s continuous learning, a continuous flow of insights, a sustained connection to meaning, to beauty of all kinds.

I believe we have the tools and capacities to grow beyond the current impasse, but it will probably involve more than a little pain, I regret to say. Things might have to get worse before they get better.

Some people say that if we are alive now, we are meant for these times. I think our first task is to build a broad and deep vision, and to act on it. The world is being torn asunder by those who are captured by a small vision. We can’t afford to go in that direction. We have to come to a vision of connection to everything.

As Ramana Maharshi said when asked how we should treat others his reply was simply, “There are no others.”

We must find that kind of heart-vision. That is the healing vision that will make a better world.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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