The Sensation of The Earth

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…Sensation is the bedrock of our being, it’s the most primordial form of consciousness. And when we go into incubation, into the darkness of our own sensation, which takes us down into this vast, infinite, inner body, which starts being our own inner body but it ends up being the inner body of the Universe. You go inside your own sensation and you discover that there is only one sensation.

Your sensation is everybody else’s sensation. Your sensation is the sensation of the wood made to create this building. Your sensation is the sensation of the Earth. — Peter Kingsley

The Earth awaits a revolution in consciousness as day by day the unhappiness of the world gets worse. Those willing to take the necessary action are ready to rid themselves of unhappiness. Though they may go through hell on earth to be free, in them the new consciousness dawns with the discovery that only fear dies. — Barry Long

I discovered a little talent for art when I was young. I thought that meant I should devote my life to drawing, painting and sculpting. I felt I owed my life to this talent, but then I discovered other abilities and interests and grew confused as I visited each passion in turn. For a long time though, I felt betrothed to art. I had made my vows and wore the ring, not least because I had promised my dead brother to carry his flag forth in battle against the philistines.

My real passion is questioning and questing after meaning. That, and beauty, of course. Nor must I forget the good earth nor the graceful old world, nor my love of ideas, and love itself. I could never confine myself to the visual. I exasperated my family with my waywardness.

I had a mission, even though I couldn’t see it clearly. I had to become more deeply human. I had to shed the shallow constructs I was born into.

Over time, I followed a lot of trails that led nowhere. I was curious, poking my nose into corners just to see — in life, in books, in people and ideas. In this way, I came across tiny bits of light that I followed through the fog. I never received training by any one mentor. I followed my nose, making the full measure of mistakes. I endured a catastrophe or two.

Things have calmed down now, although I’m not sure for how long. I’m in my dotage, as funny as that sounds to me. I look back on my losses and wounds and see how inevitable and necessary they were. I have been building a human being out of the raw materials I was given in the form of family, inheritance, culture, education, years of living, travel, relationships and native talents. It’s not easy to make a true human. There is suffering involved. But I bow to the indulgence of the gods, who let me do things that might have killed me but didn’t.

I can’t imagine that anyone is born fully formed. I think we all need the kind of challenges that mature and deepen us, painful though they will be. Human civilization has arrived at a point where it’s a matter of survival of the species. Whether we become capable of the kind of love that cultivates a peaceful world or not is the question being posed to us all now.

It’s up to us to answer that question for ourselves, but we do have to answer it.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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