The Secret Oneness

David Price
3 min readNov 20, 2022
Odilon Redon

In the myth of Narcissus, a handsome man is unable to have actual relationships and, instead, falls in love with his own reflection…

I cannot look at Donald Trump without seeing the little boy who was never good enough…

Perhaps, if we understand the flag waving, bible thumping, gun toting movements that threatens to overwhelm this nation as collective narcissism, we can better understand their contradictions:

Who would rather let species on our planet die rather than surrender the artificial sense of worth found in predatory capitalism?

What kind of person would rather let the democratic process in this nation devolve into chaos than share power with People of Color?

What kind of person finds it brave to pick on immigrants, families with transgender children or those who want medicine and fair wages for all people?

Answer: Someone living in a reflected sense of self worth.

— Jim Rigby


The next day, a very cold morning, walking down to practice qigong at the river, I walked beside an elderly woman. She had an exquisite dignified posture, with an empty bowl in her hand. I gave her some coins, and continued walking. Shame hit me suddenly (shame for being part of the sad, atrocious state of affairs we are in, as humans), more tears, more wailing. I came back and gave her some more.

— Jose G. Luis Soler


For this is the truth in Nature, that this ego which thinks itself a separate independent being and claims to live for itself, is not and cannot be independent nor separate, nor can it live to itself even if it would, but rather all are linked together by a secret Oneness.

— Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga


Who has tears and wailing at the common sight of our culture’s trepidations? How does it affect us to see the ugliness around us, both spiritual and material? Does our helplessness to affect the world make us even more callous? Why don’t we really care about the suffering we ourselves contribute to? How do we really manage to maintain our sense of well being in the middle of people and systems made from narcissism?



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