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By Yenderisko

Why is this pandemic happening?

My hunch: we humans have been blindly, irresponsibly, and recklessly juggling several failing, unsustainable, dangerously-trajectoring systems at once, i.e., economic, ecologic, health, financial, political, educational, medical, military, etc.

Inequities, corruption, inflation, predatory capitalism, debt-enslavement, obfuscation, deception, ineptness, human trafficking, addictions, psychopathies, pollution, planetary-destruction, abuses, racism, sexism, xenophobia, species-extinctions, conspiracies and war … have been “normalized” in our systems-crumbling “way of life.”

SOMEthing had to stop us in our tracks — since we were not voluntarily self-correcting, as a species — we were all participating in perpetuating “business as usual.” We’ve been at the pinnacle of our juvenile/brat-stage of development … cut-throat competition, scarcity, separation are the hallmarks of all we do. The system/s-crash was always inevitable. — Dena Lynn


I’m grateful that it “just” took a global pandemic, rather than a global radioactive winter, from a nuclear holocaust.

I notice how this virus keeps changing… or that we keep discovering more and more nefarious symptoms. It’s like Mother Nature keeps saying, “I mean it. Stay home. Don’t make me make this harder!”

We need to stop resisting this “time-out,” and surrender to the valid and required reset. To do the deep inner work we each need to do. To enter the “cocoon” stage of metamorphosis, so that the maturation-transformation can occur … and we can emerge into cooperation, abundance and unity. — Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

The challenge not to be stupid is upon us. It’s the time to do the inner work, to enter the cocoon stage willingly. It looks like we will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to our transformation into wise humans. Either that or an ugly, unnecessary death. Evolve or die, the Universe seems to be saying.

The mysterious forces that keep the heart of the World beating have taken all the punishment they’re willing to take, evidently. Patience exhausted, we’re put on notice — grow up or prepare to get recycled.

We who are here now were chosen to be alive during this “interesting time,” you may say, but it doesn’t look to me like many of us are ready to abandon our destructive ways. Ready or not, though, change is coming. Big change, not minor changes around the edges of the kind we’re used to.

No one has a handle on this virus yet. Contradictory ideas and advice flood the media. We expect our scientists and governmental bodies to take care of us, but they seem flummoxed by this situation. We can’t help but notice that the best and brightest are being shoved aside while the worst have seized control. Money, power and self interest is the game they’re playing but the virus operates on another level entirely.

Our culture is trying things that have worked in the past with other pathogens but almost nothing works except shutting everything down. The effects of that are obvious. Our way of life will evaporate into thin air. Those in power who insist we double down on the old habits will hasten the demise of thousands of unsuspecting souls. We will not be able to overcome this plague just by insisting on keeping the habits that created it in the first place. It’s change or die, and by change I mean fundamental change.

So, we must prepare for radical change, first by letting go of the old ways. Some people will get stuck at that stage because they can’t see what was wrong with the way we lived and thought. If you’re willing to look you’ll easily see plenty wrong with it, from dying seas and forests to impoverished peoples and disappearing species. Our lifestyle has been killing us. We are, after all, part of a web of life.

We have an opportunity now, for the first time in a long time, to create a beautiful and just way of living on Earth. All we have to do is change ourselves and our vision of our role on the planet. We will have to join hands with the guardian spirits around us and work together instead of in violation of the laws of life.

The preparation for that stage is staring us in the face now. May our education be easy and quickly accomplished.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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