The Most Worthwhile Enterprise of Love

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All our relatives.

Staying alive is a project we all become involved in early in our visit to planet earth, regardless of how we have incarnated, whether as a Sequoia or a lowly human. But humans are uniquely prone to neurosis where the survival instinct can go haywire, where connection to others is fraught and bent into strange shapes.

A stand of trees in the forest is connected at their individual roots. Strong trees even watch out for weak trees and help them survive, through a communication system of chemicals. They are talking to each other day and night, in their language. There is a natural sense of community that helps all the individual trees thrive. One might even wonder how accurate the term “individual” is for the members of such a community.

Is it different for humans? Is it possible that literally everything is connected at the roots, and that humans have a unique ability to forget that? If this is true, we are living right on the surface of ourselves, trying to force Creation itself to conform to our fantasy of separation.

I think that it is precisely this myth of disconnection that threatens us now. I think that the time is now ripe for human beings to discover that they are made of and for love.

We have to advance beyond our tribalism to an awareness of our place in a universe of connectedness, whose foundations would crumble if the element of love were removed.

Human civilization has contracted an illness, born of the mistaken concept that we are each a separate entity unconnected to the whole. That idea has introduced a virus into all advanced cultures, and the culture most convinced of this fantasy is America itself.

Our job as observers of this phenomenon is to see it in ourselves, individually, and to realize its implications, not just in our life but in the life of the world. Our job is first to see it, and then act, commensurate with our abilities.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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