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“If/when someone identifies with power, powerful or (perceived) famous people, this is a form of ego-inflation. This is all the more dangerous to one’s inner development when a mask of great humility is worn. Underneath the ego-inflation is an equal and opposite secret feeling of ruthless, empty worthlessness. This shadow dynamic, while generally hidden from one’s own knowing in common discourse, is often felt by others.”

~ J’aime ona Pangaia

Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place. — Rumi

“Each life involves an essential errand; not simply the task of survival, but a life mission imbedded in the soul from the beginning.” — Michael Meade

That quote from Michael Meade intrigues me, and raises an obvious question. What is that life mission? In reality, I feel there must be more than one life-mission not having to do with survival, in my case at least. I’ve felt such strong attractions and attachments to certain places or lifestyles. Creativity, exotic beauty and foreign languages seem to come out on top, when I reflect.

But the task can’t be accomplished without a certain persistence, a certain determination and strength, because it won’t be given to you. It has to be built brick by brick. It’s often a slow and winding path through the woods. There will be wrong turns, false vistas and failures.

In my case, I had to reconnect with my truest self because a disconnect had happened through a combination of circumstances. I had to relearn how to listen to my instincts and what my body was saying, sorting through constant physical pain to basic natural responses to life’s offerings. Learning to disregard pain taught me to disregard feelings and intuitions too. All that took time to sort out.

I’m amazed I got as much right as I did, but I guess my will not only took my destiny in charge, it felt capable of resisting the uninspiring advice of my elders who would have happily pulled me in the wrong direction.

At this point, that is all water under the bridge, but it’s probably why I harp on the theme of obeying your impractical urgings, if that’s what you feel. Michael Meade’s idea of a life’s mission that we must listen to or miss the boat for why we came here in the first place is what I call a “big idea.” If it is true, then listening to your heart, to your gut, is essential to creating a real life, something grounded in eternal values.

But you will have to create it based on passion, on your heart’s desire, and it may not be easy. But it will be beautiful and meaningful to your most essential self, your soul.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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