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“The light within the earth, what the alchemists called the lumen naturae, is a primal source of energy and power that has yet to be fully accessed by humanity. It belongs to our natural relationship to life, to creation and its sacred nature…We cannot work with earth’s light, nor will we know the real names of creation, through a consciousness of separation or duality. We need to claim the consciousness of oneness that is waiting for us.

The physical world needs to be re-aligned with its own energy source, with the life force within it. The quickest way to align anything or anybody is by recognizing its true nature. Through humanity’s recognition of the sacredness of life, the divinity of everything on earth, through our reverence, the consciousness of our light can interact with the light in matter. The highest principle can come alive again within creation and release the energy waiting there…

Here the universe is seen as an infinite net; wherever the threads cross there is a clear shining pearl that reflects and is itself reflected in every other pearl. Each pearl is an individual consciousness — whether of a human being, an animal, a plant, a cell or an atom — so a change in one pearl, however small, makes a change in all the other pearls, each one both singular and responsive to the whole.” — Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

I’ve always admired people who see life with a mystic eye. People who have a visionary understanding of existence talk about the relationship between humans and the Earth we all live on in as if there were an ecstatic dance going on that is invisible to us troglodytes. Dostoyevski makes the point in The Idiot that some people see divine threads and essences that are invisible to normal folks.

That idea fascinated me from a young age. I was never quite convinced that life is just a practical test to be solved well or badly. I still think that mystical thinkers like Vaughan-Lee are reporting on a deeper reality, a reality that is inaccessible to most of us. Of course he went through years of training that disciplined his natural ecstatic tendencies, otherwise he might have been labeled a schizophrenic.

My one little glimpse under the surface of things showed me two things — that things are not what they seem and that the path of mystic visionary is not my path. The sheer power that is creating the concrete world is frightening, overwhelming. It’s right under the surface, full of archetypal energies and connections.

Regardless, I still have a lot of respect for people who can access that level of reality and also live successfully on the surface with the rest of us.

Vaughan-Lee is pointing out here the simple fact that at the center of creation is a divine light and a web of life that includes everything in existence. When one thing in the web changes, the whole is affected.

Does that reflection alter how you think of yourself? Would it affect how you treat others, how you treat a stray cat or the weeds in your garden? Does it cause you to ask why we feel disconnected and detached from other beings, human or not?

Our Western Christian mental landscape sees separation as real because it is so persuaded by the concreteness of things. There are other cultures that look at the origins of life at a more basic level, at the energies inherent in creation. That vision is impossible, by the way, unless you have a quiet mind able to attend to what’s actually going on.

We are living in an upside down world at the moment. Unless we begin to see clearly that there is a heart, a sensitivity, a connectivity, a beauty and deeper meaning to life than what we can see on the surface, we’re in for some unnecessary suffering.

This Earth is a living organism with all the intelligence and feelings of a living organism. It’s not just “dead matter.”

It’s crucial that we begin to entertain the ideas that we cannot in fact detach ourselves. We will affect the whole one way or the other. Being human, we can decide how we want to do so.

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