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There are people who see.

Looking into the heart of the world takes a rare kind of sensitivity. Artists and thinkers work in that direction, but not many are natural seerers. We admire those who can speak from the depths, even if they don’t use words because we sense that they are connected to the depths. They know stuff we plebeians can only guess at. They speak with confidence. They are original.

These are the full fledged humans speaking their truth. They are guides for the rest of us.

And yet, we must be careful not to relinquish our sovereignty over our right to question, to examine the evidence for ourselves. We may not be one of the avatars, but we learn according to our own timeline. We are responsible for our own hard won insights.

Accepting recieved wisdom is in fact stupid, it’s lazy.

Each of us has a duty to seek truth, not by confirming our inculcated prejudices, but by paying close attention to the subtleties of everything we encounter. We each have circumstances, a certain environment. Attending to that context is an education in living.

Staying awake is everything in this incarnation. Going to sleep is the danger.

We all exist at different layers and kinds of consciousness. There is no reason to be proud of residing at a relatively elevated level of awareness. The levels are endless. In fact, the higher the level, the less pride will be involved, in my opinion.

If pride is involved, more growth is recommended.

The trend is toward enlightenment, I think. We are in school. We learn the basics, like the importance of love and the implications of that. We relearn things we knew instinctively as children just coming from infinity. We reaffirm our divinity.

Yes, I know it’s happening too slowly now. It’s even going backwards, but the end is certain. We will come to know the core of creation — which is love, connection and the beauty of living — at whatever level.

Let there be beauty.


My publication on Medium is called Anima Fire.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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