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To many, probably most, this seems like an absurd proposition given what we are witnessing on the planet today but hear me out.

Humanity has been spiraling upwards for millennia — from warlords’ brute force to divine-right of kings supported by a corrupt Catholic Church putting the Bible in Latin to hide the truth to the U.S faux-democracy of slave-owning landowner to the end of physical slavery even as other forms of economic and political slavery remained to voting rights for women and blacks to end of Jim Crow laws during the Civil Rights Era to the challenging (unsuccessfully) of America’s many recent immoral wars during and after Vietnam to gay rights to the MeToo movement to Black Lives Matter. It has been a long, slow, painful upward spiral as the ruling class — both hidden and known — begrudgingly gave up their misbegotten gains.

As a one-room schoolhouse where evolving souls come to remember love through as many lifetimes as they chose, it is inevitable that all will eventually awaken given two elements encoded into our DNA: pain and intelligence.

After many painful lifetimes caught in the dream — or rather the nightmare — of separation, each human, driven and guided by its intelligence, has a threshold of pain from which they seek relief by use of their intelligence.

They then discover the three lies we were taught: we are separate from our Creator, our Earth and each other. As these are replaced with three truths — that we are one with our Creator, one with our planet and one with each other — our awakening quickens.

We are at that quickening now. We are at both a turning point and a tipping point. As only 1% or a fraction thereof comes into this coherence, we are creating a Quantum Awakening — and we awaken to the Reality of Love not fear. Each can claim this awakening individually and we are very close to creating for all through this Quantum Awakening. — Robert Roskind

Roskind’s poetic vision of our life on this planet is attractive to people like me. I like to see a deeper meaning in the broad moves of human history. I admire anyone who can express ideas with elegance and mastery, especially if those ideas line up with what I already think.

I will say this: I fervently hope he’s right. It’s like believing in a loving God — I hope you’re right.

His reasoning is convincing, don’t you think? He introduces a few ideas we may not be familiar with. He has probably thought more deeply than I have about all the reasons our religion of atomization and dissociation are leading us down the primrose path straight to the swamp.

Disregarding the fact that I’m not a natural believer in anything 100% rock solid, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for new ideas, new insights. That’s where my mind naturally goes.

But let’s look at the idea itself, now that we’ve gotten my qualms and hesitations to believe anything whole cloth out of the way.

It’s a long view over our human history and our tendency to trap ourselves in our own stupidity. There is too much evidence for that to deny it. We humans have a long history of atrocities based on nothing more than half baked ideas. We don’t come off looking brilliant, you’ll have to admit.

As we arise from the creative muck, we aren’t expected to be geniuses in spite of having, all of us, the spark of the Divine.

But think about Mr. Roskind’s thesis, that we are destined for an enlightened state, a state, by the way, common to “primitives.” Aside from the strange fact that human beings in the dawn of history were conscious of the connection between everything in existence, we ourselves are just now discovering it as if it’s a revelation.

Actually, it’s old news. We’re just circling back around to confirm it with our reason. Reason being our God, now we take it seriously.

Good. If 1% of us do that, maybe there’s hope.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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