The Heart of The World

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Our stories make us.

Why we live is a question posed by mystics and thinkers now and in the past.

What is your opinion? What do you feel is the point of your life? Do you find yourself faced with more urgent questions, like how to earn a living or how to navigate the daily details of survival? If so, you’re not alone.

I think we project a story onto life as we live it — unaware that we’re making up the story as we go — a story that we don’t question, a self-confirming story that we author and listen uncritically to, as if handed down by God.

If we start to listen closely to ourselves as we tell this story, with all its judgements and moods, the thing that becomes obvious is simply how gullible we are. We’ve bought our own story, hook, line and sinker. We think making up assumptions is normal, an innocuous mental activity with no real impact on our lives.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

You don’t have to listen critically to notice this, you just have to listen without any attempt to affirm or deny. If you listen for the textures and colors of your self-talk, you’ll hear all the emotional notes, all the unsaid conclusions, all the errors in logic, all the self pity or self justification. Often we are describing the dead end street we’re caught in with no clue as to how we got there.

We think, though, it’s probably not our fault.

Someone else, or immutable circumstances made it happen that way.

The pesky mechanics of life somehow don’t give way to our efforts and smarter tactics, which of course doesn’t keep us from knocking on that door.

Sometimes it seems we humans will try every wrongheaded trick before we’ll look to our own heart and mind as the source of our troubles.

The world is in trouble spiritually and ecologically because we won’t look inwardly any more. There are so-called primitive tribes who are pointing this out now, but modern folks no longer have ears attuned to such talk. The message is lost in translation.

Human beings are complex and unintegrated in the advanced world, possessed of great tools for manipulating the externals, but inwardly undeveloped and unconscious. Many opposing mindsets operate within each individual, an individual who may be shocked or offended by their own spontaneous thoughts, so unbecoming to their idea of themselves.

We don’t know what kind of beings we are. We just want to be well regarded by ourselves and by others.

But that will not be enough to turn the tide.

May we grow up now. May we mature. Unless we do, it looks like we are driving a sword into the heart of the world.

I’ve seen individuals reach into themselves to find an unsuspected wisdom at a moment of crisis. Our human experiment offers itself up to such a wisdom of the heart. I believe that a critical mass of conscious humans can access profound knowing on a grand scale, and I think that’s what it will take.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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