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That the world is loveless results directly from the repression of beauty, its beauty and our sensitivity to beauty. — James Hillman

At the same time the pandemic reveals that our bodies function more like sponges than fortresses. In a variety of visualizations, we see our bodies extending beyond their usual bounds: graphics of our coughs, sneezes, and even breath show how far beyond our own skin our bodies reach; the six-foot rule of social distancing a daily acknowledgement that our bodies not only leak and ooze, but that they absorb the conditions of others. Our sensitivity to each other’s physical presence has never felt more visceral.

And the pandemic exposes connections beyond our species. We know that environmental destruction aided the conditions that led to this outbreak: deforestation, rising temperatures, and the loss of habitat, all forced species into closer contact with each other, including with our own. — Rebecca Solnit

We are at that quickening now. We are at both a turning point and a tipping point. As only 1% or a fraction thereof comes into this coherence, we are creating a Quantum Awakening — and we awaken to the Reality of Love, not fear. Each can claim this awakening individually and we are very close to creating for all through this Quantum Awakening. — Robert Roskind

“The severed western mind broke the systems of the world; they are not capable of leading us home, we need Indigenous leadership from every corner of the globe. People who knew how to live in place for over 10,000 years without trashing everything have vast amounts to teach the rest of us..” — Donna Morton

Animistic sustainability is performative. It always requires a dialogue with a real other, a tree person, a jaguar person, a river person. Sustainable actions cannot be done without the etiquette of relationship, and without enacting the simple rites of reciprocity: Before we can save a place, we need to ask it to receive us in grace and to allow us to get in touch. And we need to express gratitude in words and in actions. — Kosmos Journal

That our very Western beliefs, Christianity itself, has paved the way for the current disaster and the disasters to come is a hard pill to swallow for most of us. The idea that ‘primitive people’ might teach us how to live in the world without destroying it is galling. We’re proud of our “progress,” our superior technology, our lifestyle. Nobody wants to think the comforts we enjoy will kill us. The question arises of how we can continue to turn on the lights, travel by air and eat cheap and easily obtainable food without killing all life on the planet.

Maybe we’ll find new technology that will help us to retain some of the perks of our civilization, but without a change of heart we won’t have made the one change we must make now. It’s the disconnection, the isolation, the blindness to our common roots with all life that is at the crux of our dilemma. Until we see that clearly we’re still in trouble.

Nothing is going to save us but reconnecting to Creation. We’ve gotten a bit too prideful in our search for power and convenience. You know what they say about pride, it comes just before the big fall.

That’s where we are now.

We are accustomed to the experts making quick repairs to things so we can keep on keepin’ on, but this time even the experts are baffled. Not only that, we Americans are led by greedy fools who just want to make a buck off of any situation. This tragedy is no exception.

A lot of unnecessary suffering is in store for a lot of people. The new world in gestation must be brought to term by visionaries of the heart. That could be anyone in any walk of life, doctor, lawyer, candlestick maker. The one requirement is the ability to see with the heart.

Tinkering around the edges won’t accomplish the great turning humanity needs now. Vision, kindness and connection have been in short supply.

I do believe we’re going to see the contributions we need from the right people. I’ve got my eyes peeled.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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