The Great Poem

David Price
4 min readDec 8, 2023
Julia Still

…I have seen all souls as my soul, and realized my soul as the soul of all.

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan


So how does the blood move around the labyrinth-like vessels of our body?

It moves of its own accord.

You see, blood flow is not a simple stream like we once thought.

It is in fact composed of two streams, spiralling around each other much like the image of a DNA double helix, at the centre of which is a vacuum.

“Blood flow through living vessels is much more like a tornado than anything else: Such a vacuum is necessary for producing a vortex” — Stephen Buhner

This spiral dance is not only found in the bloodstream, but also in the blood cell itself!

Blood cells in fact spin on their own individual axes of rotation.

They are smaller spinning cells in a larger spinning vortex.

The heart itself has recently been discovered not to be a mass of muscle, but rather a ‘helicoidal myocardial band’ that has spiraled in upon itself, creating its unique shape and its separate chambers.

This is called the Helical Heart…

Pair this with discoveries that the heart functions as an endocrine

gland, has its own nervous system that makes and releases its own neurotransmitters, and emits an electromagnetic field that is far stronger than the brain’s, and we begin to move from the idea that the heart is simply a mechanical pump.

It is a spiralling organ of perception.

— NimbinApothecary


…You are an eternal Being. You are love, acceptance, and compassion. You are strength, clarity, and truth. At the deepest level, you are pure consciousness, beyond form and content.

— Leonard Jacobson


We live our whole lives in a state of mistaken identity. The vision we have of existence and our role in it is so literal and mechanical that we miss the wonder of it. It’s far more magical than we are capable of imagining. We, in fact, are magical beings who imagine themselves to be little machines in a giant clockwork of interacting…



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