The Future That is Coming

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“He is the obscene of the Anthropocene, the colon of colonization, the grinder of salt into the original wound of this country, but lest I spend any more words on cathartic name-calling, let me say that Windigo is the name for that which cares more for itself than for anything else. It shrieks with unmet want — consumed with consumption, it lays waste to humankind and our more-than-human kin.

Windigo tales arose in a commons-based society where sharing was a survival value and greed made one a danger to the whole. But in a profit-based society, the indulgent self-interest that our people once held as monstrous is now celebrated as success. Americans are called on to admire what our people viewed as unforgivable.” Robin Wall Kimerer

“What I have previously seen simply as individuals reincarnating in order to clear individual Karma, I now experienced as a highly centralised decision to cleanse the human mindfield of its collective karmic legacy in order to prepare humanity for what is to come.

It was the coordinated exercise of the self-evolution of the species as a whole. At a deeper level it was the deliberate movement of the Divine Being that was evolving Itself through the experiences of our species. All our individual histories were expressions of this Being’s larger history, our individual struggles were aspects of its larger struggle. The process was so beautiful and so elegant that it swept me into a deep ecstasy and almost took me beyond my capacity to maintain coherence. It was not a vision but an experience of the reality itself.”

Christopher Bache, Diamonds from Heaven

I don’t know how many times I’ve survived myself, without telling anyone. — The Mind’s Journal

We’re right on the cusp of something, a big change, it seems. Will it be for the better or for the worse? Mystics report another level of intelligence guiding the whole order of things at a level we can’t normally see. Reports like that give me comfort because I tend to fret that the stupidity and blindness of the masses will kill us all, stupidity and blindness I got to know intimately as I threw myself at living my life. I like the idea that personal individuation mirrors the aggregate spiritual path of the human race.

I don’t even care if I never live to see the eventual apotheosis as long as it really does happen. I know I’ve added a bit of history to the akashic records that record all the stupid errors of judgement and vision as we struggle to live a worthwhile life on this planet.

A lot of mistakes were made, unnecessary suffering was created. I admit it. I didn’t kill anyone, but I did fail to understand how I was withholding common kindness at crucial moments. Things like that create waves of energy that should not be sent out into the energy fields.

It has taken a lifetime to start to glimpse the essentials. I wasn’t as good a person as I thought I was. I know myself enough to see that I’m still a recovering miscreant. If the trajectory of an individual life gives an idea of the arc of human spiritual progress, maybe there’s hope.

Watching the news is discouraging, because the mistakes that are being made are so obvious. But maybe they’re obvious because we remember making our own fumbles, which, looking back, seem exceptionally jejune. Evolution is messy, evidently, and spiritual evolution is excruciatingly slow, taking eons to effect the most basic insights.

We understandably feel a certain anxiety as the human race approaches this turn in the path where large numbers of humans are cycling off the mortal plane almost by choice, it seems, because they refused to perform a simple thing like wearing a mask.

A certain level of intelligence may be required to get past this point in evolution. A certain segment of our compatriots may go the way of the dodo bird. A new vision of what life is and how it functions seems to be forcing itself up through the cracks in the asphalt. The old vision won’t do anymore.

“Adapt or die” sounds cruel, but if you can’t listen, think or feel compassion, it may become harder to live in the future that is coming.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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