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Painting by Carole Bressan

The fool/clown/naïve is a warrior of peace, trust, insight, innocence, and compassion.
These characters have immeasurable strength. Just think of those who you have thought of as being naïve… Did they give up simply because others, who could not trust, offered advice to the contrary as being “unwise”? Who is it which gets up time and again after being knocked down in life? And who is it that continues to have hope and faith, even beyond that of the “rational” person? Yes, the fool…
Who is it that shares their vision with the world, even when it is so far outside what most can believe or envision, daring that their dreaming can be turned to reality? …

Who bucks the idea of materialism and trades it in for the promise of bounty from the universe? Who puts their faith in something so far beyond them that they cannot even name it, because a name would be an insult to the complexity and intricacy, limiting it to their concept of a word?
And who, would risk everything on a whim that they could help one person, save one being and nurture one idea?…
So, if you wish to expand who and what you are… if you wish to be a true superhero in action, a warrior of peace and vision, a knight in shining armor, then add being a fool to the list of things that you are. — Jan Darwin Hutchins

I was just reading an article about voices and how shaped by them we are, how our brains and bodies react to voice tone and the meaning of words. I remember voices from childhood that were punishing, torturous to listen to. I realize that I’ve been on a lifetime search for healing voices, which I find in the most unlikely places, not always in my culture of origin. I like to imitate them.

My father’s voice was generally unpleasant to me, not because of what he was saying usually, but just the quality of his rumbling monotone that never seemed to stop. The least you could say is that it was an unmusical voice.

Linguistic music was to be found abroad, in foreign languages and music. That search led into unexpected pathways. I encountered ways and ideas I might never have met had I stayed at home. Maybe I was always the fool Hutchins is talking about, but if not I grew into one by living so far out of the norm.

But vocal sound is only one attribute of voice. I hear a voice when I read. Some voices are immediately attractive and some are not. The only voice I have a hard time hearing is my own. To me it seems like an imminently reasonable voice. I wish it were a bit more eccentric and colorful but at least it’s not angry or haranguing

Writing on Medium is a way to exercise my voice and get familiar with its natural qualities with a view to furthering them. Occasionally I come across a writer with all the qualities I admire — solid craft merged with surprising and even eccentric colors. My work looks a little pedestrian compared to some of these authors, but I think I’m making progress.

My wife points out that eccentric people don’t necessarily know they are eccentric, and that predicting how someone will react to a piece of writing is impossible. True enough.

Yet I persist in listening to something I imagine is my natural inner voice as I write. I know, or I think, that there are many colors there that I don’t know how to access. When I do, I may start to call myself a writer.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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