The Coming Whirlwind

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Painting by John Rogers Cox

“Chaos images the beauty of what is unpredictable. That is why it is so important not to try to define the future at this time. We have to allow chaos to transform our world, to bring its own quality of wonder into our lives.

And in the coming years we will watch as chaos comes onto the outer stage of our lives, as our world dies and waits to be reborn. Those of us who have entered the borderland in our own journey can welcome what is formless and unknown, can work with the light that unbinds. We have also learned to respect this power, felt it in our own body and psyche…Rather than focusing on resisting, fighting this primal life force, we are aware of how it can help our world awaken from the nightmare that is destroying all that is sacred and natural.

Here in this space of real transformation life can return to its roots in the sacred and be reborn. Later, the forms of the future will come into being, but this is not the present stage of our global journey. Human consciousness can still be a mediator between the worlds. We can listen to our deeper wisdom that knows these cycles of life and death, and stay true to the love that is like a thread that we can follow. Chaos will test us, whether we cling to our surface possessions or learn to travel light, with a small bundle of love and care and compassion. Generosity may be more valuable than stockpiling food, kindness to others more potent than force. These values will determine what world we create, what is born from the ruins.”

— Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

This is an interesting idea, that chaos is coming whether we want it or not. It raises a lot of questions. I can’t imagine just standing aside and letting the mob do its worst. It does look like we humans have found ourselves in what he calls a transformative space. Reimagining our lives and letting go of possessions and outmoded ideas is good of course, but not speaking up is impossible.

A revolution of the human heart and mind is necessary. We need ideas, insights and dialogue. We need analysis and discrimination. We need empathy and compassion. We need education. We need good will and collaboration. Building a better world out of chaos is complex. It requires vision and communication.

Still, it’s probably true that chaos is innately uncontrollable. It’s fed by a kind of reactionary ignorance we humans are subject to, which won’t rest until it plays its hand. All that has been taking center stage recently, although it has been pushed into the wings after our recent election. The problem is our normal way of life is destroying the world. That guarantees chaos in the future. The pressure never goes away, because “normal “ is full of pain. Normal in our culture flouts reason and simple wisdom.

Normal in our world is fueled by pathological self interest. Criminals and narcissists have arrogated themselves to positions of control. We’re used to it. It has been normalized. We can imagine tinkering with the system but if the whole structure of our society collapsed we’d probably build it back the same.

What needs to be changed is our vision. Any system can be corrupted by twisted people in sufficient numbers. Strangely enough, our cruel system is supported by our so-called education and religion.

What we don’t see, what looks normal to us carries the seeds of chaos in it. That’s why propping it up is an exercise in futility. Reimagining from top to bottom is our next project. The revolution starts at home, in our own humanity.

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