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Take your place in the great mandala as it moves through time.

The people and events we touch, and are touched by, in this lifetime may appear and then disappear, but they are never gone. I have heard it said many times that time is an illusion. But I never understood what that meant until I realized that dreams and waking — like a movie projected on a screen — seem real when the lights go out and the music starts — and we are enveloped in the comedy and tragedy — in tears and laughter, touched, moved, frightened, inspired…. And when the movie ends, the memory may begin to fade, or we may remember. But either way the scenes that touched our hearts, our minds, our emotions — the experience remains even if we forget. Somewhere in our cells, our physiology, in our souls, the story is written. What we have moved through, the people whose lives intersect with ours, the beauty, the terror, the moments of transcendence, frustration, pain, pleasure, and love all of this continues to echo — even if we no longer hear the sound. And eventually the song of innocence — like Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah with its ‘minor fall and its major lifts.’ The dark and light moments and shadings, all part of the one unique choreography danced by each of us — each moment a meaningful link to the next, blending inseparably in rhythm with our souls. “Take your place on the great mandala as it moves through your brief moment of time….” — Denise Cabral Yanez

“Don’t wait for a master to open your heart and guide you. Don’t wait for anyone to show up. The master is already within you and your heart is never closed. It is open because it has no walls around it unless you erect one. Be tender with yourself. Look inside with utmost honesty. Seek no approval. You are in good hands.”
~Guthema Roba

I have always lived with the question “what is life?” When I was young I thought there must be a definite, concrete answer to that question. Now I realize there is only a signpost pointing to a miracle. How and where we fit into that miracle remains a mystery. I distrust those who have definite answers telling us what it’s all about, what it is and what it isn’t. We can see, though, that it’s a grand and beautiful matrix, a mandala that seems purpose-built for the soul’s journey through the illusions of time.

The journey is innate in us. The lessons are always about the reality of love in all its forms. As we unravel the fabric of existence we keep discovering that its one indispensable ingredient is beauty. The biggest surprise is that the source of that beauty is not exterior, not from some external source like God. It’s source is closer to home, lodged right in our beating heart, yet it’s also ubiquitous. It’s the waters we swim in.

To our little minds that’s a self contradiction, that it’s both local and universal. That’s the mystery, the center is everywhere.

The real substance of our lives is not in what we accumulate, it’s in the heart’s journey toward a deeper experience of living. It’s in the vision of the roots of meaning, the roles of love, kindness, generosity, forgiveness. We admire the non essentials, being “smart,” working the system, being successful. But those things just give status and comfort to the body, things that are not evil in themselves, but just miss the point.

I can’t stop trying to see past the parts to the whole. The all encompassing panorama of life on this Earth and what it means is still beyond my reach. But the giant mandala we inhabit perhaps isn’t meant to be understood, only loved.

If we can do that, we may have done our part, fulfilled our mission.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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