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Painting by Marney Ward

“At any meaningful turning point in life, we must face our deepest fears in order to grow. And typically a turning point can feel like the worst thing that could happen to us. At one level we are at a collective turning point, we’re at a place where we must stop and listen to the body of humanity, even listen to the voice of the earth. We have to stop despite the fears of the stock market crashing and in spite of the common belief that everything must keep expanding, so that we must avoid all possibilities of a major descent.” — Michael Meade

“It takes so much to be a full human being that there are very few who have the enlightenment or the courage to pay the price… One has to abandon altogether the search for security, and reach out to the risk of living with both arms. One has to embrace the world like a lover. One has to accept pain as a condition of existence. One has to court doubt and darkness as the cost of knowing. One needs a will stubborn in conflict, but apt always to total acceptance of every consequence of living and dying.”~ Morris West

The Dalai Lama said that ‘Loving kindness is my religion,’ to make a point that we should not fall into the wisdom tradition of Buddhism and just think it is all from the eyebrows up; that it is only all about mind and mindfulness and insight. There is also wisdom and compassion — like the two wings of a bird. A bird can’t fly with only one wing. The bodhisattva needs the wings of insightful wisdom, prajñā, and compassionate skillful means, upāya. — Michael Meade

Now is the time to create beauty in the world, to live by kindness and courage, to make a better world, to correct our mistakes. But we can only do that if we find beauty, courage and kindness in ourselves. Our task is more than making art, it’s making ourselves grow into beautiful beings. Our challenge isn’t technical. The world is being destroyed by heartless humans with small vision.

We have a chance, now that everything is going on hiatus, to see the error of our ways. We have a chance to create a better way forward by creating better humans, starting at home. This crisis is a giant mirror for Earthlings to see what they in fact are and evolve a bit more so that at least they won’t kill the life force of their home planet.

The pot of gold everyone is seeking is in the heart. Without empathy and its vision humans are destructive and dangerous. You must have noticed that this time of crisis for humans is a relief to plants and animals the world over. Human activity is suffering and suicide for the ecosphere. Only if we can change will there be hope for the other living beings we share this planet with.

The human race needs a better vision of what they are and why they live. This is a time for wisdom of the heart. This is a time for the kind of cooperation that comes from love rather than the calculations of pure self interest. Real intelligence is grounded in kindness. That is the kind of kindness, cooperation and intelligence we desperately need now. If we are to pivot to a thriving world, those are the things we must find within ourselves.

Beautiful, kind, wise humans are required to create a beautiful, kind and wise Earth. We have a little pause in our mad rush for riches, safety and survival. We have an opportunity to use this time to grow into better humans. A better world requires it. Future generations are begging for it, but it’s up to us to face the truth of who we have been and change.

Look again at the image I posted. For me, this shows what we have in us — real beauty, real strength and delicacy, a real ability to see and love the beauty of the world.

This is symbolic of the beauty each of us carries in our hearts.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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