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Adventures through the lifetimes…

We agreed we would always meet and be together in whatever way we needed for that lifetime. Sometimes husband and wife, but not always. We have met as friends, siblings, parent and child, even rivals, enemies. The demands of the lifetime would set the stage.

It could happen that the gods would play a little joke on us after we had planned it all out. Somehow we would forget some essential detail and they would take advantage of it. Now, for example. We said very clearly we wanted to be married and have children.

We forgot to say married young — but the gods were right in their judgement. That wouldn’t have worked. On the other side, you forget how stupid you can be in the physical state. They saw how much we had to learn before middle age.

They gave us time to grow up enough to have a chance to help each other.

The gods are not stupid. This was not their first rodeo. They had already seen us through countless lifetimes. They invented just the right combinations of ingredients for a beautiful learning experience.

I was forty-two when she suddenly appeared, walking up Wheeler street over by Hemphill Park. I could almost hear the gods laughing as all my plans came apart at the seams. Oh, you can be sure I held on to them, even as I couldn’t help but dream of another life where we two would be together.

There are things you know that you don’t want to know. I knew we were meant for each other. My logic began a two year argument with my soul. It was “impossible in this lifetime. She was happily married and that was that.”

That kind of argument.

But the gods were busy. They knew stuff I didn’t. I’m not clairvoyant, but they are. I can see that now, but I couldn’t then. So I occupied myself with my useless suffering.

The children? She already had them.

Time is alchemical. Over three and a half short decades, we became a family. Over that short time, all of us were healed. We all became deeper, more consequential people.

I’ve got to hand it to the gods. They know a thing or two.

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