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Painting by Andrey Remnev

Sadly our spiritual focus on individual transformation has forgotten, or censored, this dimension of spiritual practice. We are not taught how our spiritual body is part of the spiritual body of the Earth or how they work together, how our soul and the world soul are connected. We have been separated from our home both physically and spiritually.

And now our whole planet stands at the doorway between the worlds, the outer world that we are systematically poisoning and the inner world of the soul and the world soul, whose existence we have forgotten. As mediator between the worlds our human presence and practice are a vital life force; our awareness of breath and its spiritual dimension is healing both for our individual self and the world around us. At this pivotal moment in our shared destiny the world of light needs to be consciously connected to the physical world, and we are this connection.”

— Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee


“One of the open secrets of life on earth is that the answer to life’s burning question has been inscribed in one’s soul all along. The soul is a kind of ancient vessel that holds the exact knowledge we seek and need to find our way in life. Each life is a pilgrimage intended to arrive at the center of the pilgrim’s soul. From that vantage point, the issue is not whether we managed to choose the right god or the only way to live righteously; such notions fail to recognize the inborn intimacy each soul already has with the divine.”

— Michael Meade

Thomas Moore wrote a Book in the ’80s that became an instant bestseller called Care of The Soul. I think it caught the attention of the reading public because neglect of the soul characterizes our way of life. We know something is missing in life but we can’t quite put our finger on it. We’ve never known another way.

We are starting to notice how our way of living is destroying nature but the captains of industry shrug and maintain business as usual. They and we have been so severed from Soul we haven’t the eyes to see how nature is suffering. Our beliefs are childish and our focus is on the externals. We’re chasing physical survival and distractions as if that’s why we’re alive on earth.

The juggernaut of our civilization allied with our blindness has created an emergency. The assumptions about how to live hide our ignorance of how everything is connected. We’re very inventive on the technical level but ignorance of who we are makes us dangerous to all life.

The current pandemic won’t be contained and banished once and for all. There will probably be a series of such challenges to our system until we change our ways. I don’t think we will change our ways until we change our way of thinking. Our myopia is the problem.

Getting an individual to pay attention to their inner world is impossible if they don’t want to do it. Getting a whole society to expand its consciousness is like turning the Titanic. There needs to be a chorus of voices speaking to this issue. We need writers and artists, thinkers and innovators with clear vision about the nature of our dilemma. Survival tricks are not enough to live a real life. Our existence is more than an obstacle course.

If the heart is not shut down, it has vision. It has a deeper and fuller understanding of how everything is tied to everything else. Heart-full seeing is what we need now. We’re on our own there because nothing in our culture fosters that kind of consciousness.

Those of us with words, who are reflective, have our work cut out for us.

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