Soul Is Earthy

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What the body wants is connection.

The roots of Soul go through our bodies into Mother Earth, but we live in a society increasingly severed from those roots, a society reaching for the stars in a million ways.

It seems normal to us to use the earth as resources instead of relating to it as a magical being to be revered and cared for. We’re not so primitive that we could imagine everything in existence as a form of life. We are beyond all that, aren’t we?

“Pride goeth before a fall,” comes to mind when mulling over our global situation.

For the World Soul to thrive, human beings will have to rediscover their place among all the other beings in the universe. Love for creation will have to be excavated from underneath the mountains of detritus of indifference, ambition and greed our society is built on.

What the Soul wants is connection, caring, creation. The beauty we are given is being destroyed because we don’t love it. We don’t even see it. How could we love something we have become incapable of seeing?

Those of us attached to beauty and meaning have a responsibility, I think, to first of all find those threads in our own hearts, and then stand for that in the world. The world needs us like a body needs antibodies. We can’t opt out and let the world go its own way. We can’t stand hidden and incognito. We’re going to have to find in ourselves the heart of courage.

If we’re paying attention, we see that the world is on fire and that we ourselves are implicated.

It’s not enough to have the right belief system and to point an accusing finger at the evildoers. We ourselves are challenged to grow up and develop a vision. We have all the insight available to us now that was sequestered in remote monasteries and dusty libraries in or not-so-distant past.

The only question is, are we up to it?

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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