Shocking Change is Coming

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When they say that the feminine has been made inferior in our culture. That also means that some things like interiority and feeling and relatedness have been made inferior. What has been superior is the masculine goal — the single minded pursuit of success…The way James Hillman puts it is ‘Á man is asked to love his own soul’. And Hillman is fond of quoting John Keats “Call the world if you please “a vale of soul-making.”, then you will find out the use of the world”. — Jon Wilson

The collapse is getting much media attention while the rise is getting only a little on alternative outlets. Most now sense the collapse but to really be plugged into this new world rising you need to be involved in its birth in it in whatever way you feel guided. Then you are connected to your own personal tribe of helpers and you will see this birth everywhere, everyday…

DENIAL — Most are avoiding the reality of the major forces at work that threatens us all (GMOs, fracking, chemtrails, banksters, endangered environment, WMD, and almost every major corporation and government riddled with corruptions). Between this and their own personal challenges (health, financial, relationships, loneliness, etc.) they are dealing with their fears by getting deeper into unhealthy coping methods such as alcohol, antidepressants, gluttony, mindless entertainment, obsessive shopping, etc.).

OMG FEAR — Some are willing to look the present global and personal situation in the face and are freaked, — getting angry, despairing, depressed, etc. This greatly limits their ability to help birth the new coming age.

SACRED ACTIVISM — A few but growing number are recognizing the coming age is emerging and is under the Divine guidance and are asking Spirit — in whatever way they may see Spirit — to use them as an instrument — a midwife — of this coming birth. As they do this, their own lives become more mystical and protected. — Robert Roskind

Naturally I didn’t understand my father’s struggles to provide for us when I was young. He was a sensitive man who was touched by tragedy more than once before he reached adulthood. He wanted to make his mark in life, do something grand, change the world. He failed and then he succeeded. In fact, even he was mystified at how greatly he succeeded. The only problem was, that success was on the world’s terms, not his. He didn’t really care about large sums of money, he longed to be a writer. He was an inveterate storyteller.

That ambition was never fulfilled.

We live in a world that doesn’t value sensitivity. It’s a sociopathic world where survival of the least sensitive is the rule. I like to listen to voices that declare the imminent death of that system, because I want to believe it. Having grown up in a culture that takes cruelty for granted, I still harbor some doubts.

My father, who admired the arts, couldn’t ever quite let go of the idea that art was “women's’ work.” Well, there is an element of sensitivity required in art that is feminine, although plenty of men and not all women have it. The idea that is being put forth now is that the old masculine system is collapsing and will soon give way to a more empathetic and kind way of life. Not a moment too soon, in my opinion.

It’s too bad that a “masculine” way of life is thought of as insensitive, because there are plenty of sensitive men, but a cultural sea change toward feminine values like nurturing and love is desperately needed now.

The world needs mothering now. It needs care and understanding. It needs fewer ambitious, money mad psychopaths.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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