Service and The Beautiful Life

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Assumptions make a life.

If you assume that’s it’s better to live for yourself than in service to anything outside yourself, you are planning a certain kind of life. There are consequences to how you conceive of your relatedness to the world around you. Isolating ideas create a life cut off from life giving sources.

Our modern ideas of isolation of every animate being is in direct contradiction to the consciousness of ancient tribes. The idea that everything is intimately related seems ridiculous to our civilization. Or it has, until modern physics chimes in, with its information about energetically pulsing subatomic particles and metaphors like Schrodinger’s cat.

Maybe science will prove the ancients right. Maybe we can’t see what is plainly in front of us. Maybe we’re a little blind, us moderns, a little stupid, with all our received ideas and lamentably closed minds.

It seems the danger to the world has become thick-headed bipeds, who have not yet developed the ability to meet life without preconceived and unexamined ideas. Clinging to a vast array of fixed concepts has humanity in a death spiral. Clearing the mind so it can meet reality directly is not common, yet the “normal” conditioned mind has proven itself to be lethal because it has put the heart under lock and key.

Current political, climate and demographic upheaval presents daunting challenges precisely because of closed hearts and minds, not because no solutions are available or possible.

The task is to open minds and hearts, it seems to me. Any advances in rational living on our planet are unsustainable without that. We will be fighting cupidity, ignorance and outright evil until the cows come home, otherwise.

Self obsession is demise. Service is thriving.

I believe we all bear a responsibility in this. We are now at a turning point where things will shift drastically in one direction or another. Individually and together, we must evolve or perish.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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