Secret Teachers

David Price
5 min readJun 18, 2024
Sarah Jarrett

The left brain likes to deal with what is familiar, with what it knows, and in modern times it has been busy turning the world around it into what it knows best: a machine…

One result of this left brain takeover is that the materialistic, reductionistic science, which…increasingly diminishes the right brain’s contribution to our understanding of the world…

There is a fundamental aggressive character to the left brain’s recent bid for power. This is clear in its propensity for analysis, breaking up the whole into separate pieces, for manipulating reality. …

In The Alphabet versus the Goddess, Leonard Shlain argued that the rise of literacy — a left brain development — and its focus on linear, sequential, thinking led to the decline of the earlier, right brain, image-oriented goddess religions, as well as the rise of monotheism and patriarchal forms of society. …

The mental-rational structure is characterized by rational, discursive thought, the kind of logical, sequential, thinking associated with the left brain. Whereas the previous structure of consciousness, the mythic, is characterized by “a shaping or designing of images” — a right brain activity — the mental-rational structure is focused on words.

Gebser believed that the mental-rational structure entered its deficient mode around the 14th century, during the



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