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Yes, the universe has a bell.

I laughed when I suddenly realized I was writing now because I had lost everything.

Well, not everything; I can still walk and talk, I can still think and feel. By everything I mean most possessions, a home, income, the ability to travel, drink well, paint, sleep in our own bed — that kind of thing.

In 1980 I was advised by an astrologer that I was meant to write, so I better get crackin’.

But I dilly-dallied. I had a comfortable life in the hinterlands of eastern France, and I had a practice of making large paintings up in the big attic. We had guests, good food, friends and pets and a beautiful home.

It was traumatic when all that was ripped away due to financial fraud, and for almost five years we were disoriented and attempting to start businesses that failed from simple ignorance and naivete’. Questions arose of what we could do to recapture some semblance of a normal life, meaning having a home of our own. Being able to pay for rent.

We’ve gotten more accustomed to living a stripped-down life now, and wonder why people need so much extraneous stuff that they take for granted — the kind of stuff we used to take for granted.

So where does writing come into this? Writing seemed to come on the scene when nothing else presented itself, to tell the truth. I had heard of Medium but didn’t understand what role it played in the lives of writers and hopeful writers. It appears to be a good training ground for inexperienced scribblers like me, and the fact that there is even a remote possibility of making some income is a bonus.

Living in Mexico, even a hundred extra bucks a month will make a difference, but the change from our old life to this new one has been enlightening on the creative front.

Writing opens up a part of my mind that has kept a lot of secrets and half-finished ideas over the years. Ideas and emotions I’m surprised by in the process of composing a piece, life experiences that need resolution, that need to be examined more completely.

I’m learning how to write on the internet, too. That’s new to me, and I find it releases a kind of creative energy I didn’t expect. It’s a new way to be an artist, is how I think of it. I take to it like a duck to water.

I think it’s entirely possible that the universe planned this turn of events all along, and that the fortune teller was right.

I’m supposed to write.

I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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