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Not just a hope.

We all have this angel in us, I’m convinced. I can of course think of a few of us who have gone over to the dark side, but even those lost souls have this angel inside them. It’s just been silenced, buried under fears and injuries.

This angel, this spirit, could save the world. It could move us to create and work to sustain this earthly paradise.

I really believe this. I don’t think human beings are doomed to be blind, drunken wrecking balls of the planet. I think we could be the loving stewards we are meant to be. To me it looks like we lost our way, that our technical prowess overwhelmed our heart and our common sense, to be blunt.

Our task now is to reconnect to nature from the heart. That doesn’t exclude the science or the mechanics of nature, but it must include love and love of beauty. It must include heartfelt devotion to the earth and its infinite expressions of life.

Without that love we are lost.

Our education, our religions, our work life, ignore this need. We are taught to adapt ourselves to a system bereft of beauty. I don’t see how people put up with this.

I’m amazed that humans will organize their lives around a soul destroying work or an ugly life. Only if you have been convinced that your longing for a beautiful life is a pipe dream, only if you have forgotten your childhood inspirations will you betray the earth and yourself this way.

When we are young, we are overwhelmed in a system devoted to profit at any cost. Without any love for nature or humanity, we can do anything that makes a profit. We are free to destroy lives and the earth itself to “make a living.”

We are wounded animals, wounded by our mental distance from Mother Earth. Being quick to notice short term advantages, we have pillaged mother nature right up to the breaking point.

Now we have to look Karma in the eye and see our true situation for what it is. We have to look in the mirror and get to know ourselves. We’re in for a shock. Our self image is out of focus. We don’t really know what we are. We don’t know that we have created and believed a story built on hubris, a fantasy.

Time to grow up, or give up the idea that we can have grandchildren who can live on this planet.

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