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From Rajkumae Agarwal‎ & IceBing

“The light within the earth, what the alchemists called the lumen naturae, is a primal source of energy and power that has yet to be fully accessed by humanity. It belongs to our natural relationship to life, to creation and its sacred nature…We cannot work with earth’s light, nor will we know the real names of creation, through a consciousness of separation or duality.

As we awaken to this sacred unity at the core of the world, life itself awakens, because we are not separate from the whole… We can once again be initiated into the deeper levels of existence, the now-hidden ways that energy flows within and around the world.

The physical world needs to be re-aligned with its own energy source, with the life force within it… Through humanity’s recognition of the sacredness of life, the divinity of everything on earth, through our reverence, the consciousness of our light can interact with the light in matter…

Here the universe is seen as an infinite net; wherever the threads cross there is a clear shining pearl... Each pearl is an individual consciousness — whether of a human being, an animal, a plant, a cell or an atom — so a change in one pearl, however small, makes a change in all the other pearls, each one both singular and responsive to the whole.

As matter becomes aligned with its true nature, it begins to vibrate at a higher frequency. It begins to sing. This song is one of the ways it will heal itself. Song has always been a magical way of healing, and the song of the world has tremendous power. In it, all the names of creation are remembered and awakened and celebrated. This song knows the name of God and sings of God in every leaf and every lake and every human being.

But we need to listen for it; we need to hear it…Our ancestors’ knowing that everything they could see was sacred was not something taught but something deeply, instinctively heard. — Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

The sacred network we inhabit is not invisible to “primitive” people like it is to us advanced members of the so-called civilized world. The birds pictured above are “beautiful” to us, but sacred? Not to most of us. Nor do we see everything that exists as honored members of a divine web of life. If we can’t eat it or use it we hardly see it at all.

The question arises as the world of utility sputters to a halt — what next? The juggernaut of the market and the belief systems it is founded on is more fragile than we thought. The logic of our culture collapses like a house of cards when confronted with the natural processes of a new virus. People begin to die like flies if they insist upon the norms they are accustomed to. Humans are challenged to learn new ways on pain of death if they refuse. Those who adapt have a chance. Those who insist their old beliefs will keep them safe are due a shock. It almost looks like nature has decided to cull fundamentalists.

I worry about cultures of people who live in large groups without running water or medical attention. Through no fault of their own, they are endangered by a system of global transmission they could never afford to use.

Our Christian God is not going to rescue us any more than any other god will. We have science for that. Eventually we”ll penetrate the RNA of this microscopic being and render it harmless. In the meantime many will die. There will be shock and grief encircling the globe. A reassessment of our way of life is in order, and not a moment too soon.

I hope we can build a more loving culture, but it could easily go the other direction. The forces of entropy are still with us, and they believe their way is the only true way. We who have ideas of a more relational and kind path will need to speak up in a chorus of voices and insights. That’s starting to happen already.

Many souls are stepping forth right now with vision and powerful creativity. I think we’ll see a burst of creativity in this emergency. I expect to see unexpected and prodigious beauty created. I expect to see a healing of nature coming in waves. We already see that just from the cessation of human activity. The vision of a healing world is unexpected and inspiring to those of us who are paying attention.

Ideas of possibilities for a better way will grow like weeds in this interim. Voices of depth and insight will present themselves. There is still hope for this world.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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