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“Despite the common desire to rise to the top, moments of essential change can depend upon a willingness to descend. A deep connection may be drawn between those who face the truth in themselves and the discovery of valuable pearls in depths of the ocean. Those who desire pearls must dive into deep waters; once there they risk darkness and isolation and the confusions of the murky depths. Similarly, those who would find the inner pearl must enter the treacherous waters of the soul and face the darkness found within. They must crack the hard shell of their little-self and come to know themselves from the inside out.”
- Michael Meade, “Fate and Destiny”


“I found that the power of the landscape, the presence of the animals and the dynamic flow of living energy through the wild were working on me inwardly…And this was drawing me into the deep current that has run through many human cultures for tens of thousands of years — the natural connection between the animals, the rhythms and cycles of the Earth and the waking of the soul within each person. — Eleanor O’Hanlon


“Sooner or later we will all remember to do the duties we were instructed to do. Sooner is better than later. Later brings the suffering that will cause us to remember the Creator. The decision as to when it will be is always up to each person.

In the end everybody will be doing the same thing, and that is remembering. I’m going to always be following the Instructions now. You can wait to give thanks if you want to. Not me! I know the pain that waiting causes.

Nobody knows what specific suffering someone will have to go through that will bring them back to remembering.” — From Leon Shenandoah (1915–1996), past Native American Iroquois Tadodaho (chief)

As fragmented people, we need to start reassembling ourselves. We need to re-member ourselves. As we connect with our depths, we reconnect with the living matrix. The reason the world is in trouble is because we humans are a superficial lot. Our religions haven’t saved us because we’re so talented at converting the teachings into toothless homilies. Instead of religion serving to instruct us how to grow spiritually, we’ve rendered its inspired origins completely anodyne.

The same goes for psychology. We’ve had a hundred years of psychotherapy and we’re worse off than ever. Our exterior environment, the world we navigate every day, is sick. Beauty, without which the soul dies, has been banished from our towns and cities. What we see around us is slick, empty and depressing because what we construct is who we are inside.

We may have reached the point where we can’t go on in the same vein. The hue and cry you hear about how we just need to get back to normal is fear speaking, fear and a complete lack of imagination. The worst thing we could do is get back to normal. The existing system is cruel and heartless except for a small group at the top. Those who can drink clean water, eat nutritious food, see a doctor when they want and send their kids to good schools are not worried. The rest of us live in another world.

Who created this system? We did because we think in slogans and half baked ideas of how the world works. The current battle between those who wear masks and those who refuse to would be amusing if it weren’t tragic for so many people. How, one wonders, can such feckless, addle headed people come to a point of clarity about how to serve the world instead of setting it on fire?

Are we a race of pyromaniacs? I refuse to believe it.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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