Reality Wakes Up

David Price
3 min readNov 22, 2022
Adam Oehlers

…I experienced the evolution of our species as the systematic growth of a single organism, a unified and unifying Being that all of us were part of. The subtlety of the co-operation of the parts with the whole was extraordinary. Nothing in our theological or philosophical systems does justice to the facts….

What I “saw” was that the unified field was moving decisively and precipitously to become more aware of itself in spacetime. Whereas previously it had existed as an extended fabric of being, largely unconscious of itself at the physical level, it was now waking itself up. Visually this took the form of energy coming together in swift, contracted spasms that created bright flashes of awareness…Now…the flashes were beginning to hold their own…

… it seemed to be the case that our current generation had been deliberately karmically configured to precipitate an intense cycle of collective purification. The poisons of humanity’s collective past were being brought to the surface in us, and in transforming these poisons in our individual lives, we were making it possible for divine awareness to enter more deeply into future generations. We had volunteered for this role for both our personal benefit and the collective good….

Christopher Bache, Diamonds from Heaven


…Mêtis is so fast in its response, so rapid in its alertness to the moment, that any movement is only perceived as stillness. But, by now, instead of just perceiving a tree or a chair you have become aware that you are perceiving one single being: whole, unmoving, quite still. And eventually, if you look, you will discover that instead of you perceiving reality what in fact is happening is that reality is perceiving itself through you.

— Peter Kingsley, Reality


We sleep, we dream, and we have flashes of lucidity. Then we go back to sleep. Yet instinctively, we struggle toward the light because something in us knows our destiny is clarity. Before that, in the process of awakening we see our dreams and dramas, our wounds and traumas, as what they are, the story of consciousness. We are part of that story, an essential part, but a part nevertheless. We are not the whole story.

David Price

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