Reality Itself

David Price
4 min readNov 23, 2022
Odilon Redon

…All our individual histories were expressions of this Being’s larger history, our individual struggles were aspects of its larger struggle. The process was so beautiful and so elegant that it swept me into a deep ecstasy and almost took me beyond my capacity to maintain coherence. It was not a vision but an experience of the reality itself.

We had volunteered for this role for both our personal benefit and the collective good. We were cells in a Superorganism intent on rapid change. As such we were heavy with both the burdens of our collective past and the promise of our collective future. I saw that this century formed something of a watershed into which the karmic streams of history were flowing, and I knew that as this process came to fruition, our future condition as a species would be beyond anything we might project from our current state of fragmentation.”

Christopher Bache


A patient refers to how in his EDM he had seen an unknown man smiling at him. Ten years later, his dying mother revealed to him that he was the son of an extramarital affair and showed him a photograph of his biological father, murdered in a concentration camp: it was that smiling man….

…It’s like a radio that, as long as we live here, tunes into this universe. Our death is only a change of consciousness, a transition. We only die in one dimension to pass to others.

…It is quantum physics… Many religions have come closer to this reality with techniques of passage between these dimensions, such as meditation or mysticism….

— Pim van Lommel


We live in a universe that is arriving. And has been arriving for 14 billion years.

— Brian Swimme


The mysteries of our existence, its beauty and purpose, are swirling around us unperceived for the most part. We’re flying blind in the dark and guessing what it’s all about. Those who see across dimensions report how illogical and counter intuitive our context is and how we confine ourselves to it. Our certainties trap us in our five senses. The poets and mystics seem to be talking gibberish.

David Price

I write about creativity, loving, language learning and psycho/spirituality. I’m a longtime painter and reader.