Reality And The Human Condition

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“We all participate in a universe of consciousness that is evolving all the time, from the dimmest flickering of sentiency existing in a dream state that is not even self-aware to the fabulously and unimaginably complex and radiant cosmic Beings whose lives embrace entire galaxies. And what we do affects that evolution, at least in the environment around us.

I have encountered in my inner work Beings in comparison to whom my consciousness is not much more evolved than the sentiency I find in my sofa. Their response to me is always loving, caring, considerate, and appropriate. They are like shepherds of consciousness, tending its evolution across vast expanses of life and energy. The light of my sentiency is like a shadow compared to theirs, yet they tend to it, as they do to millions and billions of other lives and consciousnesses within the field of their beings, as if it were the brightest, most valuable flame in creation.

This is the true implication of saying that everything is alive. We are each caretakers for the consciousnesses evolving around us, particularly those of lesser complexity and capacity than our own.” — David Spangler


“And the world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles, no matter how long, but only by a spiritual journey, a journey of one inch, very arduous and humbling and joyful, by which we arrive at the ground at our own feet, and learn to be at home.” — Wendell Berry


What is unmade are conventional conceptions of substance, the coordinate divisions of space and time, and the solidity of identity and identified concepts. These limitations reduce infinite possibility to finite terms, and reify open lucency to mere “thingness”. — David Chaim Smith

Living in “thingness” as we do, and taking it for reality, we fear death and therefore life itself. The veil of appearance convinces us that what we see is what we get. It’s the one indisputable reality to us. We don’t devine the charade we have fallen for.

Our senses constitute a curtain behind which universal intelligence waits patiently for us to live out our primitive dramas. Eventually we will discover truth, love and how everything is related, but in the meantime we are free to destroy the world through a belief in separation.

The invisible avatars of creation know that everything is built out of love, out of delight in connection, out of unfathomable tenderness. They wait patiently for us to discover the beauty and meaning of existence. We are stepped-down creatures, convinced of our smallness, somehow ignorant of infinite nature. Those who have glimpsed the Universal locomotive of love that powers the Universe are calm souls who have peeked behind the veil. They are not worried by death, by our dystopian theater where everything struggles to “survive.” They report that we all survive even though everything is impermanent. Everything changes aspect constantly.

The physical world is a vehicle for spiritual growth. It doesn’t need to be permanent. Quantum physics has proved that nothing is solid anyway. Science is inching closer to spiritual reality, confounding our minds and making us question our senses.

What is real? Love is real. Kindness is real. Generosity is real. Creativity, relatedness, universal kinship — all that is real.

We live on a level now that promotes our figments and fantasies of separation to the basis for our civilization. We have everything upside down. We arrive now to the time when all our pillars of support for our way of life are falling. The question arises now whether we can grow enough in insight and kindness to continue.

At the moment it doesn’t look encouraging, but I believe the trend of the Soul is toward vision and inclusiveness. I believe the hands and heart of universal consciousness are kind. I think it’s entirely possible and even probable that we will build a bridge to a better world.

I also believe we all have a role to play or we wouldn’t be here.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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