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Painting by Daria Patrilli

Grief expressed out loud … for someone we have lost, or a country or home we have lost, is, in itself, the greatest praise we could ever give them. Grief is praise, because it is the natural way love honors what it misses. — Martín Prechtel


Collectively we no longer pray for the Earth in our daily rituals, rarely practice praise and thanksgiving. We now need to return the potency of the spirit to the Earth and understand how this living being really functions. We need to regain an understanding of the spiritual principles that underlie creation and how to work with these principles.
This knowledge of the sacred nature of creation is
waiting to be accessed. It is present within the spiritual
body of the Earth, just as our own higher wisdom is
present in our higher consciousness. But this knowledge
cannot be accessed by a consciousness that is focused on the ego. It will only reveal itself to a consciousness that
looks to the well-being of the whole.”
— Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Trauma in a person, decontextualized over time, looks like personality.

Trauma in a family, decontextualized over time, looks like family traits.

Trauma in a people, decontextualized over time, looks like culture.

— Resmaa Menakem

Truth, being a pathless land, most of us are lost. What we take to be real in ourselves and the world around us is more likely a reaction to threats to survival. We mistake dead end streets for superhighways and untrustworthy people for fast friends. Our modern world hasn’t enough depth of human understanding to offer any reliable guidance, so we’re on our own. Everywhere you go people are playing follow the leader. If you can offer yourself as a guru, you can make a buck.

Our deficit of wisdom makes us susceptible to grifters and charlatans. Our politicians and financial advisors take full advantage of this tendency not to look too closely at their clay feet, as long as they give the impression of being someone you could have a beer with. Strangely enough, a large percentage of our fellow citizens have surrendered their faculties for critical thinking to blustering idiots and hate preachers. We have no dearth of fools on soap boxes, haranguing us to send money.

We believe we live in a democracy. We believe we’re lucky to be American. We believe our religion is the one true one. We’re proud of our muscle on the world stage. We “know” we are superior to other cultures. It’s amazing how full of fantasy our worldview is.

As the natural world finds it harder and harder to breathe and as humans become more and more divorced from reality, we know things have to change but we don’t know how.

Seeing clearly is the one thing we find impossible to do. Going on what we were taught keeps getting us in trouble. Our task comes down to vision and how to develop it. Our contribution comes down to our tiny piece of the world and the energies we can offer to it. Who we are is a mix of nature and nurture, yes, but we each pilot our little boat on the high seas and backwaters of life as best we can, given the quantum of heart intelligence we possess.

I think we’re at a turning point where human affairs will need to radically change. We have imagined a world that doesn’t exist, a world of tooth and claw, competition and survival of the fittest. Actually everything is one, is an integral whole, with everything in relation to everything else. That’s a world that can nurture all its parts and care for them. Humans who function on this principle naturally promote a thriving planet. Enough humans living this way can revive a badly wounded planet. The transition looks doubtful right now, but it’s very hard to get an accurate picture of our collective level of spiritual vision.

We have a heavy load of trauma and straight-up karma to work through in order to clear the way for healing our world. Our focus is on individual survival. A little adjustment in thinking may be needed to see our responsibility to the survival of the whole.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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