Out of Nothing, Something

David Price
3 min readFeb 24, 2022
Félix Vallotton (Swiss-French, Dec.28, 1865 — Dec.29, 1925)

….When the world is not viewed from the perspective of the formless, it becomes a threatening place, and ultimately a place of despair….

Allow uncertainty to force you into a deeper presence.

— Eckhart Tolle


“The rapid change, uncertainty and insecurity of our times brings into sharp focus that which is certain, that which is unchanging, and that which is secure — namely our own being. If we seek security and peace, we should look for it where it resides — namely in our own Self. Not everybody knows their own being clearly. And it is for this reason that not everyone feels the peace and quiet, unconditional joy that is the very nature of our Self. So if we seek peace at this time, all that is necessary is to take refuge in our Self.

~ Rupert Spira


On the deepest level, much deeper than atoms or quantum’s, is NOTHING at all. The crazy thing is that this “nothing” creates everything, EVERYTHING from moment to moment. Complete universe is created moment by moment, constantly. All comes out of this nothing, comes from empty-ness, which is outside of any usual understanding. We are part of an endless new creation in every moment.

— Hans-Peter Durr


An artist…is always afraid of those who claim to have found the ultimate solution to any question.

— China Achebe


You have spun us out of Your Light and placed us in the shade of matter. This remembrance, brings a deep longing for Union again with You, beloved.


We look for solid ground where none exists. We don’t want to contemplate the emptiness at the center of Creation, that we are somehow spun out of light and then disappear back into it. We just want to be reassured that things are what they seem to be. We spin stories about our continued existence as spirits who keep the identities they constructed over the one lifetime they can remember.

We are comforted if we can shrink the Miracle to the size of our small imaginations. Formlessness is threatening. We cling to our stories of solidity. We construct our certainties out of hope and fear…

David Price

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