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We go into the world.

We were living as quasi hermits in rural France, in a house we were always working on. We had turned it into a bed and breakfast, but the season was very short. That part of France had long winters and short summers.

It didn’t make enough to pay the mortgage.

When my brother got control of my mother’s estate and canceled my inheritance, we leapt out of the frying pan into the inferno, losing everything. From our present perspective, we can easily see better moves we might have made, but a lethal combination of naivete, panic and ignorance took hold of us.

We had moved to France before the internet age began, but even when it was going strong, our little village couldn’t afford to install WiFi because it was surrounded by precipitous cliffs and mountainous terrain. We finally got an incredibly slow and unreliable dial-up system at the insistence of our son, which turned out to be indispensable for our B&B business.

At first, I couldn’t see why we needed a computer connected to the world wide web, but of course that was just me clinging to the old ways I had grown up with. I’ve learned a little about the internet universe since those days, but I still type slowly with one finger and I’m never going to have the instincts for it our kids and grandkids have.

So, not knowing a thing about internet businesses, or business in general, I took a giant leap and fell flat on my face. Anyone could have predicted it, except of course, me.

I flew to Denver for a seminar and connected with a hotshot internet expert. We decided to take a run at creating a viable startup, with me funding it. Pretty quickly we disagreed on procedures and pricing. I couldn’t see how his super low pricing was going to work, but he was the expert and I was the clueless old fogey.

Eventually we created a piece of software to his specs that I still own and have no use for. We went our separate ways when I ran out of money.

And then, I began to be pestered nightly by a book that insisted on being written, so I gave that a year. Now, we are living between Mexico, sometimes my other brother’s spare bedroom in Texas and the occasional house sit.

Once the book was written, Medium showed up and I decided to see what I could create there. The first month I made seven whole bucks. Frankly, I didn’t expect anything. The second month they paid me forty dollars and change, but a few dollars less the third month. I have no idea what I’m doing except writing what comes to me as I compose. I’m discovering what I want to say and how I want to say it by doing it. It’s an evolving process.

Evidently there are things buried in the recesses of my mind that want to speak. I’m the scribe and notetaker for these dictations. I try to be coherent.

I may actually learn how to write in a way that communicates things people want or need to hear. That would be a great satisfaction to me.

So, we are living a life stripped down to the basics, with our little houses on our backs, off to the next adventure.

We miss our old life less and less. Something new is being created, a life that is not lacking in drama or beauty.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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