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Our job is appreciation, not competition.

To see broadly and deeply is a possibility for us, I believe. Children show us how we begin life in a state of wonder and magic. Unfortunately we give it up sooner or later, usually.

We grow up, we become rational, we become smart at calculating our profits and losses.

Writing on Medium, I read articles almost daily, encouraging me to find out what niches are the most profitable and write for those. Good strategy, I’m sure.

But I’m on Medium to say what I’ve long wanted to say, not to speak for ideas I don’t care about.

So, I’m going to do that — write my own ideas, I mean, impractical person that I am.

I feel a sense of urgency to be clear about my personal vision of a trend in world events and mindset that is alarming. I do this partly because of my age and partly because it’s so damned obvious that the current trend is going to kill everything on earth except maybe the cockroaches.

I believe I’m not alone in feeling that connectivity, a sense of beauty and a deeper meaning to life are fundamental to our continued existence here. I believe that many levels of consciousness operate within Creation, and that humans need an advance in consciousness very soon.

I’m not talking about belief. I’m talking about consciousness. They are not the same.

Our connection with all life, and to the source of life, is going to have to be installed in the minds of modern human beings, or else.

At this point there is no alternative. Human depredation will wipe out life itself. Logic itself tells us that.

Survival being important to us humans, maybe we’ll get motivated to put our shoulders to the wheel of radical change.

Change? Yes, change of heart, change of vision, change of systems, change of the assumptions we live by — everything.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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