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I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful — an endless prospect of magic and wonder.

~ Ansel Adams

‘We see the result of this neglect, which is with us still, in the decay of the feeling and the caring values of life and in the pursuit of the masculine rationalism which seems to be the dominant element in the establishments of today…it is the loss of this feminine eventfulness which has led to the most urgent and dangerous problem of our time; the exploitation and also the rejection of our Mother Earth, our mother not only deprived of the great store of life it had prepared for us but increasingly being denied the chance to do more.’

— Laurens van der Post. Part of the Forward to The Myth of the Goddess, Anne Baring and Jules Cashford.

Being as how there is only one mind in the universe and all life participates in it, we humans could be called a virus or even a cancer. We are turning against our ground of being through hubris and failure to listen to our inner wisdom. The civilization we live in and take for granted is sick, unbalanced. Yet we go about our daily tasks as if that’s all that matters.

The immigrants who came to these shores and began a genocide replaced a civilization that had endured ten thousand years or more. But their eventual demise was built in to their (our) self image and a rationalistic vision of life.

We come now to a crucial turning point. Can we turn or shall we speed right off the metaphorical cliff? The beauty of the world is still shining its light into our eyes, if we could but see it. That beauty in itself could save us. It might enlighten us.

Ansel Adams was right about the magic and wonder he saw and tried to show. There are people who see it and love it every day. Unfortunately, those people are not presidents, bankers or captains of industry. They are poets, artists and musicians, whose only power is in their words, images or sounds.

Our only power is in the forcefulness we can create in our craft. If we are to have any say in the outcome of events, we have to galvanize our audience. It’s a tall order.

Someone looked at one of my stories recently and pronounced it lacking in “personality.” Yikes! Quelle horreur! I still have stuff to learn. I never gave a second’s consideration to the personality of my pieces. I just tried to say what I meant. So, it’s back to school for this scribbler.

But I hope you take my meaning. We artists have to put both our craft and our life force into our creations. That’s our only power.

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